Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stop over in the Steel City

I am following my bliss this weekend. Edna's hospitalization for pneumonia has brought me home for a few short days. It should be no surprise to those who know me that I have spent some time poking around cemeteries taking photos to upload onto I was in familar territory driving around Perrysville, where I grew up.

I was looking for a home that I can remember from my childhood. Ruthie Arthur and I would visit and I know one of her great aunts lived there. Their surname was Schar and I thought that perhaps the house was actually located on Schars Lane beside Perrysville Elementary School...but I was wrong. The house was, just as I remember, still white clapboard and located beside the home of an old elementary school friend of mine, Beth McClintock. Both houses are located on the "other" Washington Drive....the one on the opposite side of Thompson Drive.

Of late, doing genealogy, I have become somewhat obsessed with Perrysville.

I did have a delightful time driving around the old neighborhood and even after all these years, no decades, I did not get lost. Maybe you can go home!

Sorry for this diversion....


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