Saturday, January 3, 2009

Following my bliss

Years back my Dad talked about "following one's bliss." Frankly, I'm not sure Dad followed a bliss, at least not until his retirement. I try to follow mine, but of late many daily duties seem to be encroaching upon my bliss time. My glorious gardens have become overgrown and a substantial section of pachysandra simply up and died....lack of watering...shame-shame! I try to squeeze my pursuit of genealogy in during the evening hours with Gregory House or Law and Order playing in the background. I do make time for photography, which has become a new bliss and my services have actually been asked for of late. With this the beginning of a new year and a new blog, perhaps I will resolve to make more bliss time in my daily schedule...make a little more time for myself.....selfish....I THINK NOT!!!!


  1. I don't think that's selfish. I think you are connecting to yourself and it offers a balance to allow you to be connected to others in a more whole way.

  2. Well... well... I get an honorable mention for your title! Thanks, sis!!!

    Interestingly, just before receiving your email link, I had been out here on this Google blog reading author Mandy Evans' latest offering. Lest you not be familiar with Mandy, she is at the forefront of what has become known as the Law of Attraction movement. The title for her blog “Break Out From Limitations: infinite opportunities for success and happiness await when you eliminate the beliefs that block your way”, sheds adequate light on what she’s all about.

    Anyway, she related how on New Year’s Day four of her friends joined her around her patio table (she lives in southern California) for a Welcoming Party; collectively and collaboratively how they each created a list of what they intend to welcome into their lives this year. I really LIKE that concept! Rather than New Year’s resolutions (what we’re going to do), what we’re going to WELCOME into our lives.

    Of course for me, approaching the New Year in such a way is also sure to kick up those limiting beliefs I have in place which will most assuredly scuttle anything I might intend to welcome! So part and parcel to what I want to welcome must be the work I am willing to do to identify and actively discard those mental constructs I yet have in place whose sole intention is to make certain that what I intend to welcome never makes it to the front door!

    So… tying this into a concrete demonstration of “following one’s bliss”, let’s try this one on for size. What if we (in no uncertain terms) intend that week at St. Joe’s this summer??? Now… what sort of doubt immediately leapt into consciousness: there’s not enough time to make it happen this summer (maybe next year), there’s not enough money, we’ll never be able to find a place at this late date, will anyone else have an interest in going, and so forth??? All of that “stuff” arises from limiting beliefs that will ensure that it never gets off the ground.

    But what if we make a different declaration and actively work together to not only welcome it into our lives, but also actively work to deny any limiting beliefs that will naturally arise to get in its way? Are ya game??? Right here and in a very public way, let’s intend to welcome a week at St. Joe’s THIS summer!!! Wha’dya say?!?

    Now... returning to this whole notion of bliss for a moment... where does bliss come from anyway??? It’s an inner desire, an inner flame that’s always working to find expression. There are those who maintain that such deep inner desires are in fact… God! The Light within extending through us, creating through our lives, like unto Itself. The outer circumstances are irrelevant when the power of the universe has kindled a desire (a bliss) that wants (that needs) to manifest through you. In the hands of Infinite Intelligence, the orchestration of events and the fulfillment of the desire come to fruition effortlessly and naturally.

    This unopposed belief in the outcome is what some would call faith. But this is no dry theology we're talking about here. Our summer vacation in St. Joe’s is an exciting and very real result of an omnipresent Presence always pregnant with possibility, desiring to manifest our bliss through us and into our natural world.

    Will you join me in welcoming the fulfillment of this desire… this vacation on the shores of Lake Michigan, into our 2009??? Will you join me in demonstrating this very real Truth that simply… Is?!? If so, let’s get together as soon as possible to hammer out the details!!!

    And by the way, actively working to manifest one's bliss (the Infinite's desire for your life) is about as selfless as it gets! On the other hand, it's the height of arrogance (selfishness) to believe, even for a moment, that you’re somehow unworthy to enjoy the fruits of such desires and then proceed to actively work against their fulfillment. “I mean look at my bank account right now... who in their right mind could ever think such extravagance, such luxury is possible, let alone deserved?!?”

    Of course, from the limiting ego-I’s upside down perspective, the answer is obvious, “No way, no how… how selfish to entertain that this could even be a possibility?” And yet from the inner Self’s perspective, the fulfillment is quite simply a natural extension of creation. Unlike the ego-I’s firm commitment to distortion, Truth maintains that to give and to receive are one. To NOT receive what the Universe is freely giving is the height of selfishness… to maintain the connection and “welcome” the desire keeps the Light freely flowing. The Light WANTS to give you the fulfillment of your bliss… and It needs you to freely welcome (to receive) what Its giving for Its OWN fulfillment. To give and to receive are one in Truth… the Universe’s Truth (and not the ego-I’s)!!!

    There… how ‘bout that for a response to your first blog?!? You certainly triggered an inner barrage that must have been percolating within and needing to emerge (d’ya think?!?) lol

  3. I want a brother! Your vacation sounds wonderful. While you're planning let's welcome a trip to see me!

  4. Too funny!!! I think such a trip can readily be "welcomed"!!! lol In fact, that trip has ALREADY been a topic of discussion! There... a response that is 50 words or less today!

  5. Actually I found the longr post interesting and captivating. Linda writes about you and I have wanted to get to know you better.

    A top of discussion...let's get to finalizing the details. I am so reasonable. I will feed you very well.

  6. You two are tooooo much!!! I just knew there would be a kindred spirit Now Anne, we do have to stay a night or two in our cousin's home up in South Charleston....Houstonia...that would be my well as seeing you, of course....and meeting Lee...and partaking in some of your fabulous cooking. Count me in!

  7. You can sleep where you want. I just want some time to visit. Have you been to the cemetery in Dayton? It is th final home of the Wright brothers, poets, and all sort of amazing things. Plus a beautiful overlook of downtown Dayton. I am going to a Turkish grill on Thursday.....

  8. Just in case anyone actually reads these comments. It is now April and we do have a deposit down on a place in St. Joseph's, Michigan on Silver Beach for a week in August!!! YAHOO