Monday, January 5, 2009

Over the river and through the woods....

To Helena’s house we go!

Back to Tiffin, Ohio. I wonder if the Heidelberg College sign will have been replaced with Heidelberg University. I shake my head even as I write this thinking of the Berg as a university…all 10 or 12 buildings of it. What ever were they thinking?

I had a plan for Tiffin this time around. Armed with my laptop and camera, I was determined to get to Greenlawn Cemetery and take photos of Ted’s side of the family tree for my genealogy work. Helena had called Aunt Betty (the Tiffin side of the family genealogy expert) and she was eager to show me around. YAHOO

Betty has had numerous physical issues of late and she was pushing her envelope to accompany me around the hills and dales of the cemetery….but she never missed a step. In fact, she had a smile as wide as the Mississippi and was anxious to get from one grave marker to the next. I wasn’t surprised….I would be the same, heck, I am. For some magical reason my arthritis seemed to disappear that afternoon and I kept up with her!

This cemetery has some impressive tombstones in it. Tiffin must have been, back in the day, the center of some pretty heavy industry to warrant such grandeur after death. I spend a lot of time in cemeteries and I would have to rank Greenlawn in Tiffin, Ohio as one of the better collections I have seen….considering the size of the town.

With my fingers literally freezing on the camera buttons, we spent over an hour walking and me snapping. The plan next time is to come on a warmer day.

Thank you Aunt Betty!



  1. That was lovely. Thanks for the picture of Helena and Theodore. Can you not use lime green color? I could hardly read the post - I know I am such a cranky b***h. I don't want to miss a letter.

  2. Actually that is Aunt Betty....but she looks alot like Helena. I meant to use a darker green. I'll have to see if I can change it.

  3. So Lindalee I miss the soup post and recipe challenge post. Bring them back pleez without that terrible AH's comments. You should opt to approve comments before posting. I just hate to read such crass remarks. Your posts are just too cool.