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Louis Bado of Hungary, Pennsylvania and Michigan

     Lajos (Louis) Bodo, son of Sandor (Alexander) Bodo (Bedo) and Julia Horvath, was born on September 29, 1899 in Felpec, Gyor, Hungary.  It appears that Louis' father traveled between Felpec and the United States, in particular Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, numerous times.  

     I have not located Louis immigration manifest.  He either traveled alone or with his mother and siblings between 1912-1913.  He was definitely living in his father's house on September 12, 1918 as shown on his World War I draft registration.  Eighteen year old Louis Bodo was living at 230 Fleet Street, Rankin, Pennsylvania.  He was employed as a machinist with Pittsburgh Machine Tool Company in Braddock, Pennsylvania.  I have found no military papers to show that Louis served in World War I.

     The next concrete documents I found for Louis are in the 1940's and 1950's.  By then he is listing his surname as Bado.  I went back to see if there were any census reports for him in the 1920's and 1930's.  I found one for each census under Louis Bodo.  I do not know if these census reports belong to this Louis Bodo; however, he had to be somewhere for twenty plus years.  I did mention on his parents blog that the 1920 enumerator for Rankin, Pennsylvania missed the house at 230 Fleet Street.  It would have been an important document for anyone researching the Bodo family.

1920 West Virginia Federal Census taken on January 26, 1920
     I did research John Bodo whose home Louis Bodo is listed as a boarder.  The father of John Bodo does not match the father of Louis' father; however they could be cousins down the line.  I also do not know if this Louis Bodo belongs to the Rankin, Pennsylvania.  

     Louis Bodo, age 20, born in Hungary as where both of his parents.  He is boarding at 408 Mallory Street, Monaville, Logan County, West Virginia.  Louis immigrated to the United States in 1913 and is an alien.  Louis Bodo of Rankin would have been naturalized in 1912 through his father.  He is employed as a coal miner.

1930 Ohio Federal Census taken April 16, 1930
     The 1930 Ohio enumeration makes more sense to be for Louis from Rankin.  He is living as a lodger in an apartment with the Thomas J. Jones family, 1003 Walnut Street, Martins Ferry, Belmont County, Ohio  Thomas Jones is also a renter.  Martins Ferry is located on the Ohio River and Louis Bado is employed as a machinist with a steel manufacturing company.  He is age 30, born in Hungary, as were both of his parents.  He immigrated in 1912 and is a naturalized citizen.  

     This Louis Bado probably is from the Rankin, Pennsylvania family.  Without their 1920 census, it is not known if Louis was still living with his father.

1940 Michigan Federal Census taken on April 18, 1940
     Louis Bado, age 40, a lodger in the home of Andrew Almsky.  Andrew is renting the house located at 5146 Martin Street, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan.  Louis was born in Hungary and was living in  Detroit, Michigan in 1935.  He is employed as a tool and die maker at a tool factory.

     Louis' brother, Alex is living 7344 Chalfonte Avenue, Detroit, Michigan in 1940.  The two brothers lived five miles apart.

World War II Draft Registration
Louis Bado

Marriage of Louis Bado and Marie M. Newton
August 31, 1949

1953 Detroit City Directory

     Louis and Marie Bado are living in Garden City, Michigan.  The street Doxator no longer is located in Garden City.  Only listing is for Dearborn Heights.

1955 Detroit City Directory

     Louis Bado died at age sixty-eight, on January 2, 1968.  His service was held on January 6, 1968.  Louis is buried in Michigan Memorial Park, Flat Rock, Wayne County, Michigan.   he must have been a Mason since he is buried in the Masonic Garden area of the cemetery.

     Marie M. Newton Bado died on May 16, 1981 at age seventy-four.  She is buried beside her husband, Louis Bado, in Michigan Memorial Park, Flat Rock, Wayne Count, Michigan.  It was nice to find her obituary which gives her birth and death dates and that she worked for the Dearborn School District.

     I have found no records that the Bado's had any children.

District Court of Pennsylvania

     This could be naturalization documentation for Louis, although he would have been grandfathered in when his father, Alex Bodo was naturalized, July 3,1912.


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