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Stephen Rubik and Theresa Hirsch of Hungary and Cleveland, Ohio

1865 Baptism Record for Stephen Rubik

     I was able to work backwards to locate Stephen's baptism record from his Ohio death certificate since his parents were listed.  I have seen both Stephanus and Istavan used in Hungary for Stephen.

     Stephen Rubik and his family were living in Felpec. Gyor County, Hungary when he emigrated.  Felpec, a village, is not far from his birth village of Szemere.

SS La Gascogne

     Istavan (Stephen) Rubik, age 40, a laborer from Felpec, Gyor, Hungary with the final destination as Cleveland, Ohio.  He is going to his brother, Janos (John) Rubik, living at 75 Woodland Street.   He left Havre, France on November 10 or 18?, 1906 and arrived at the Port of New York on November 21 1906.  He traveled alone, leaving his family back in Felpec.

SS Zeeland

     I found on Stephen and Theresa's son, Joseph Rubik's Naturalization Declaration, that he was immigrated under the name Kubik.  When I put it into the search engine I was pleasantly surprised that Theresa and her two children Joseph and Mary, immigrated together.  The three left Antwerp, Belgium aboard the SS Zeeland on December 19, 1908.  Theresa's name is butchered on the manifest and it ended up Rezi.  It was probably Therezi.  She is age 40, Joseph age 9 and Mary age 3.  They are traveling from Telpcez (Felpec), Hungary and going to Cleveland, Ohio.  They arrived at the Port of New York on December 19, 1908.  The destination was husband and father, Stephen Rubik.

1909 Cleveland City Directory

     Stephen Rubik and his brother, both laborers, are living at 2639 Lisbon Road SE, Cleveland, Ohio.

1910 Ohio Federal Census taken on May 2, 1910 

     Stephen Rubik, age 45, married 20 years (circa 1890), was born in Hungary as were both of his parents.  He immigrated in 1906 and is an alien.  Stephen is employed as a laborer at a rubber works.  The family is renting in a two family apartment at 2680 Grand Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.

     Therezia Rubik, age 40 (circa 1870), married 20 years and has had 6 children, 4 are still living.  She was born in Hungary as were both of her parents.  Therezia immigrated in 1909 and is an alien.  

     Joseph Rubik, age 11 (circa 1899), born in Hungary as were both of his parents.  He immigrated with his mother in 1909.

     Mary Rubik, age 5 (circa 1905), born in Hungary as were both of her parents.  She immigrated with her mother in 1909.

     Two of the Rubik children are still living in Felpec, Hungary in 1910.  One, a son, Louis Rubik, immigrates in 1911.  The other child is unknown and may have stayed in Hungary.

1911 Cleveland City Directory

     John Rubik has moved to 9420 Kennedy Avenue, SE and Stephen Rubik still at 2680 Grand Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.  Both are laborers. 

     Lajos (Louis) Rubik, age 18, son of Stephen and Theresa Rubik, immigrated on June 18, 1912.  His destination was Cleveland, Ohio.

1917 Cleveland City Directory

     Stephen and his brother, John, are sharing a two family house located at 2621 East 83rd Place, Cleveland, Ohio.   John is employed as an ironworker and Stephen as a laborer.

     Theresa Hirsch Rubik, age 45, died on January 22, 1919 at Cleveland City Hospital.  She was the wife of Stephen Rubik, born in Hungary and the daughter of Stephen Hirsh and Theresa Polger, both born in Hungary.  Daughter, Mary Rubik was the informant and signed the death certificate.  The Rubik family was living at 10526 Woodland Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.  Theresa was buried on January 25, 1919 in Calvary Cemetery, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

10526 Woodland Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

1920 Ohio Federal Census taken on January 19, 1920 

     Steve Rubik, age 53, born in Hungary as were his parents.  He owns the house at 10526 Woodland Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.  He lives there with two of his children and is renting rooms out to three additional families.  Steve immigrated in 1906 and is an alien.  He is unemployed.

     Louis Rubik, age 25, born in Hungary as were his parents.  He immigrated in 1906 (although his documents list 1911) and is an alien.  Louis is employed at a steel mill as a polisher.
     Mary Rubik, age 15 or 16, born in Hungary as were her parents.  She immigrated in 1908 and is an alien.  Mary is attending school.

1921 Cleveland City Directory

     Louis Rubik, a polisher, boards at 10526 Woodland Avenue
    Steve Rubik, a machinist, handyman at his home, 10526 Woodland Avenue

     Louis Rubik, painter living at 10526 Woodland Avenue
    Stephen Rubik, home at 10526 Woodland Avenue.
    I have no idea who Aug Rubik is or if he connects to this Rubik family.

     The Stephen Rubik family lived in the Buckeye-Woodland Hungarian section on the far east side of Cleveland.

     Steve Rubik, age 61, died at home, 10526 Woodland Avenue, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio on August 2, 1926.  A widower.  His wife is listed as Mary.  Was Theresa Rubik's name Theresa Mary?  Or did Steve remarry after her death in 1919?  Steve retired from his job as a molder in 1919 due to illness.  He died at about 12:00 pm from stomach cancer.  He was born in Gyor, Hungary.  His father was Carl Rubik born in Gyor, Hungary and his mother was Agnes Stiev also born in Gyor, Hungary.  Steve was buried at Calvary Cemetery, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

     Son, Louis Rubik, supplied the death certificate information.
     The burial record at the cemetery lists Stephen's name as Louis S. Rubik.  Was his given name Louis Stephen Rubik?  His baptism record lists Stephanus.  



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