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Joseph Paul Rubik of Hungary and Cleveland, Ohio

     Josef (Joseph Paul) Rubik, son of Stephen Rubik and Theresa Hirsch, was born on February 28, 1898 in Felpec, Gyor, Hungary.

SS Zeeland

     Josef Rubik, listed on the manifest as Kubik, traveled with his mother and younger sister, Mary.  They emigrated from Antwerp, Belgium on December 19, 1908 aboard the SS Zeeland.  The family arrived at the Port of New York on December 29, 1908.  Joseph was nine years old.  Their destination was Cleveland and the home of his father, Stephen Rubik.

1910 Ohio Federal Census taken on May 2, 1910
     Joseph's first United States census.  He is age eleven, born in Hungary as was his parents.  His immigration is listed as 1909 and he is an alien.  The Rubiks are living in a rental apartment, 2680 Grand Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.

10526 Woodland Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

World War I Draft Registration

     Joseph lists himself as Joe Paul Rubik on his 1918 WWI draft registration form.  The abbreviation or nickname, Joe, is one he uses for the next five decades.  He lists his home as 10526 Woodlawn Avenue in Cleveland; however he is currently a laborer at The Remington Typewriter Company in New York.  The name of the city is illegible.  In 1920, the company was located in Ilion, New York.  

1917 post card showing The Remington Company, Ilion, NY

The Remington Standard 10, 1917

     It is unknown how long Joe was working at Remington.  He probably returned home when his mother, Theresa Hirsh Rubik died on January 22, 1919.  

Boys Industrial School, Lancaster, Ohio
     If I am reading this correctly, Joseph spent time as a juvenile at The Boys Industrial School in Lancaster, Ohio.  The website lists the ages were from ten to eighteen.  The website gives a good idea as to the daily routine at the school.  It was an open school, not a prison.  The boys were free to move around, spent time learning trades and were sent there based on a demerit system.  So many demerits for juvenile offenses opened the door in and good behavior inside lessened the demerits and bought release back to their family.  Joseph must have been released and he headed to New York to find employment.  

Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield, Ohio
     Upon his return to Cleveland, he must have committed another offense and in 1919 was sent to the Ohio State Reformatory, a prison located in Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio.  Another website for information on the Reformatory.

1920 Ohio Federal Census taken on January 14, 1920

     Enumerated with other inmates at the Ohio State Reformatory.  Joseph Rubik, age 21, immigrated in 1908 and is an alien.  He was born in Hungary.  He attended school in 1919 and is able to read and write.  I think the schooling is trade school held in the prison.  Joseph works a hand machine in the tailor shop.  Perhaps he had learned this trade while at the Boys Industrial School.  The Ohio State Reformatory was intended as a halfway point between the Boys Industrial School and the Ohio State Penitentiary.  It was meant to be for first time offenders.  Joseph, again, committed some minor offense and because he was too old for the Boys School was sent to the reformatory.

Ohio State Penitentiary, Columbus, Ohio

1930 Ohio Federal Census taken on April 10, 1930

     Enumerated with other prisoners at the Ohio State Penitentiary, Columbus, Ohio.  Joseph Rubik, age 31, born in Austria.  Immigrated in 1908 and is a naturalized citizen.  He is a shirt maker.  

April 21, 1930 Ohio State Penitentiary Fire

     On April April 21, 1930 a fire broke out in the scaffolding of a newly constructed portion of the penitentiary.  The blaze broke out quickly and encompassed the prison.  Eight hundred prisoners were trapped. According to Forgotten History:  The Great Columbus Prison Fire of 1930, several prisoners escaped and were able to free many after subduing guards and getting keys to unlock the cell doors.  Joseph was enumerated at the prison ten days before the fire.  Was he still incarcerated during the fire?  Obviously, if so, he survived.  

     These two census reports and the fact that as a teenager he was imprisoned begs the question, what offenses did Joseph Rubik commit?  Was he imprisoned and released, committed another offense and imprisoned again over the years?  Was his offense so egregious that he was in prison for over a decade straight from moving from one prison to another?  Was Joseph released by the time his father, Stephen Rubik, died on August 2, 1926?  

13105 Lorenzo Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

1935 Cleveland City Directory

     Joseph Rubik was released from prison by 1935.  He was employed as a grinder and is living with his brother, Louis Rubik and his wife, at 13105 Lorenzo Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

     From Joseph's Petition for Naturalization, it is learned that he married Irene Unknown on December 24, 1937 in Ripley, New York.  They were divorced on July 22, 1939.  

Petition for Naturalization June 18, 1941

     The declaration gives quite a bit of personal information about Joe.  It gives the date, place a of his first marriage and the date of the divorce.  Joseph lists his birthdate and place of birth.  He gave the spelling of the name his family immigrated under making my looking it up in the Ellis Island website easy.  Rubik brought up no information--Kubik did.  His address in 1941 was 12024 Forest Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio and his occupation is a grinder.

     Joseph Rubik married Mary Bodnar, nee Strich, a divorcee on July 19, 1941 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  W.J. Zoul, Justice of the Peace, performed the marriage.

     Listed as Joseph Paul Rubik on his World War II draft registration.  Joe is employed at Apex Electric Manufacturing in Cleveland.  J. John Mader was his supervisor.  The newly married couple lived at 12101 Forest Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.

     These two documents regard Joseph's naturalization.  One relates to a  objection to the paperwork and the objection was removed.  The second dated August 9, 1945, shows that Joe is living in Buffalo, New York and that he failed to show continuous residence in the United States on his application.

     Finally, eight years after he filed, Joe Rubik became a naturalized citizen on August 30, 1948 in the US District, Cleveland, Ohio.

     Joseph Rubik, age 72, died on July 4, 1971 at Parma General Hospital, Parma, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  Mrs. Beatrice Kintz (Beatrice M. Bodnar Kintz, wife of Daniel G. Kintz), is Joseph's step daughter, her father was Joseph's wife, Mary's, first husband, Stephen Bodnar.

     Joseph "Joe" Paul Rubik, was buried in Brooklyn Heights Cemetery, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  His wife, Mary C. Strich Rubik who died in July 1977.

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