Thursday, April 14, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday--Baptism Dress and Booties

Martha Jean Stark Hughes
Linda Lee Hughes
     This past week I have been engaged in the annual rite of spring cleaning.  The target area has been the immense accumulation of stuff in my basement.  Also housed there are all my family photos and many of my "genealogical momentos".  While thumbing through an old Hughes family album, this photo of little Linda Lee (Moi) and Mom jumped off the page.  Turning around I went to a plastic container and inside a small yellow box.   There I found the little white dress and booties in this 1947 photo. 

     I don't know if this was my baptism, although the dress certainly appears to be one worn at such an occasion.  The question mark in my mind is that Mom does not have a corsage attached to her suit jacket.  Dad ALWAYS celebrated events with flowers. 

     The dress and slip were "store bought"; however, I do believe that the little booties were knitted or store bought by my maternal grandmother, Martha Marie Frederick Stark aka Teek.  She was quite the seamstress and was proficient with all forms of hand work.  The little pink roses embroidered on each booties are most certainly her hallmark.

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  1. What a delightful treasure! Love the hand crafted booties!

  2. How darling Linda, both the baby and the outfit w/booties.

  3. What a cute picture. Not only do I have stuff in the basement, it is in the attic as well.

  4. I have a dress of mine that is very similar. They were so precious. Love this post.

  5. They are all in such beautiful shape. Did you do anything to preserve their condition?

  6. Oh, how special! I just love those booties! How wonderful that you have the photo and the clothing.

  7. The dress and picture are wonderful. Is that an Easter Lily pin on your mom's lapel?
    Great that your mom kept it for you.