Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eliza J. VanGilder Jenkins Death Record

     Eliza J. VanGilder, daughter of Jacob VanGilder, Jr. and Sarah R. McElroy, was born in Monongalia County, (West) Virginia in March, 1826. She married Francis Jenkins, son of Joseph and Catherine Jenkins, on May 10, 1860 at Grafton, Taylor County, (West) Virginia. Eliza is my second paternal great grandaunt.

     This week I located her record of death on the West Virginia Archives and History website. I wish there was more information; however, until this week, I did not know her date of death. I am still looking to find her burial site. My guess is Bluemont Cemetery in Grafton, Taylor County, West Virginia.

     Eliza and Frank raised two children, Mary M. Jenkins and Samuel R. Jenkins. Mary married her cousin, Henry Moore Leps, Samuel was a bachelor. There were no offspring from Mary's marriage.

Lesson learned: Keep going back and checking sites with records....more are added daily.

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  1. Good news and advice of continue checking for the record. Happy it paid off for you.