Monday, April 18, 2011

Is This You Great Grandfather?

     Last week was quite an enlightening time for me, searching through the various Internet genealogy websites looking for new Civil War documents and information for my veteran ancestors.  Both ancestry and footnote seemed to have geared up for the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the war by adding scads of new information. 

     I plugged in all my names into the various search engines and have come up with loads of additional documented information.

     Two that were a curiosity came from ancestry.  They are United States Returns from Military Posts 1806-1916.  There are two listings for Charles Stark from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. 

     My maternal great grandfather is Charles Stark.  He served in the Civil War from 1861 until 1864 and then remustered into service in 1865 with the new Company H  6th West Virginia Calvary and serving in the Colorado and Dakota Territories.  Charles was discharged from this service in 1866.

     Apparently great grandfather was not done with his service to the military.  There are two documents that list him as a member of the Allegheny Arsenal Post on July 7, 1887 and discharged on March 10, 1890.  Another cousin and I figure that this may have been comparable to the VFW or American Legion.

     The discharge date for Charles Stark is a month earlier than the date that he was sent to the Allegheny City Home, April 15, 1890.

     I think that these records belong to my great grandfather's genealogy.

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