Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday--Voodoo

When visiting New Orleans a week or so ago, you know I had to visit St. Louis #1, located on Basin Street. This is the oldest cemetery in New Orleans and the resting place of at least three persons who practiced the art of Voodoo.

Marie Laveau, the Queen of Voodoo is reputed to be buried here. The name and dates of the Marie Laveau listed first in the family vault appears to match Marie's daughter, who happens to have the same name.

Wandering around, I found two more grave sites of Voodoo practitioners. They are easily identified by the numerous "XXX" written all over the vault. Noodling around the net, I found that when someone writes the "XXX" on the tombstone, the deceased will grant a wish. There are no names or dates on these sites; however, current day believers seem to know that these belong to Voodoo folks.

You will also note some of the items left for the deceased....there were wine bottles, a half glass of wine, fans, chachkies of every shape and size.

© 2010, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser


  1. What an interesting post!! Such a different style of cemetery, compared to here in the MidWest.

  2. We seen a few shows TV that feature this cemetery and show these tombs and share the history... interesting stuff but kind of freaky.
    Theresa (tangled trees)

  3. For some reason these photos gave me the shivers! I don't know why the caretakers allow this, but it looks like its been a long tradition...

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