Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent Calendar Dec 9--Aric's Church

     This little hand crafted church has become one of the treasured family Christmas decorations over the years. It was purchased in 1982 by my son, Aric, when he was in Kindergarten. 

     Several weeks before Christmas, the school's PTA annually sponsored a Santa's Shop. The students were able to buy presents for their family members for a reasonable price and all the proceeds went to the PTA. Aric went to school that day with a five dollar bill and could purchase three for for his father....and one for his brother. 

     Entering the Santa's Shop, Aric browsed around looking from table to table until he saw the little white church. Having made his decision he approached the kind lady behind the table and said he wanted to buy the church. He handed her his five dollar bill and she handed him a bag with the church inside. Aric began to cry.....where was his money? He still had two more gifts to purchase and no more money. As a little fellow, he just assumed that three items would add up to five dollars.....not that one item would cost the entire amount he had been given to spend. 

     When I arrived at school to pick Aric up following class that day, his teacher told me this story with a smile on her face. My son was still upset as he only had one gift. The gift became one for the entire family and has been showcased every Christmas beside the old Hughes creche from the 1950's. 

© 2010, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser


  1. And the lesson learned would have been - if you get a really wonderful gift that everyone could share, that's the best gift of all!