Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent Calendar Dec 10--Christmas Gifts

     Yes, today is Christmas.....I got everything I asked Santa for and more.....but here I am playing with one of my brother's presents and wishing it was mine!!!!

     That was me....back in the mid 1950's. Santa had tucked a Remco Movieland Drive-In Theater under the tree. It wasn't on my fact, I had never heard of it before....but when I saw it unwrapped....I was fascinated. I probably did the older sister routine....."Here...let me show you how to set that up" and hours later allowed my younger brother actually play with his gift.

     Truth be told, it was a pretty unique toy for the mid 50's. There were little cars that could be driven in and parked in front of the movie screen AND a little projector with a light inside. The "movie" was a small film strip that was wound through the projector by turning a large knob. How cool is that!!! 

© 2010, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser


  1. What an awesome gift! I have never seen this one before!

  2. Awesome, Linda! I don't think these were still around by the 1960's. Too bad! I think I would have liked it!

  3. That is too cool. I have never heard of that one before. Being a big sister had its perks sometimes I guess. I am the baby.

  4. Hmm, I am wondering if my brother had one of these. Not that I would ever have dared touch his stuff...

  5. Interesting toy, and I never heard of it either (but then, I didn't have a brother). But I do miss the drive-in movies, remember dating and going to one? Best memories were had there.