Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent Calendar Dec 5--Outdoor Decorations

     Frankly I don't remember many of outdoor decorations while I was growing up Hughes. I have gone through all the scanned photographs from the 50's and 60's and came up with NADA. 

     Mom always did put up a wreath with a large red ribbon on the front door. And, I seem to remember some lights on the shrubs in front of the house on Bramble Lane. Maybe they were there on Washington Drive, too. 

     The two photos I did find were scanned from slides that my Aunt Faith gave me years back. The lady with the lights in front of their brand spankin' new retirement house in St. Petersburg, Florida, is my paternal grandmother, Sarah Margaret VanGilder Hughes aka Grams.

     And I can't help myself.....Grams and Pop Pop in their second home in St. Pete.....a condo and if you look will see that they have a Christmas tree outside in their Florida room. I know I have shared this photo of Grams before. She looks pretty hot....doesn't she.....she was always a style maven! 

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