Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter 2010 GB Games--The First Day!

Already two days behind and late off the starting block....why does work always get in the way of fun and a social life? I am poised to surge ahead today primarily concentrating on the "Go Back and Cite Your Sources" event. I am ready to compete today. I have what's left from my Valentine's candy for an energy boost and a large mug (no cup and saucer) of English tea to sustain me. And I'm off and running........

This is an area of my genealogy that is in MUCH need of help. Actually, one of last year's hopes was to get source material onto my Family Tree Maker database. I came out of the gate at full speed and somehow lost the momentum midyear.

Can anyone else identify with this??!

Frankly, I have had to play alot of catch-up this year while writing Flipside. I get the blog outlined and written and then can't find the photos to go with, or find them and they are not scanned, or have scanned them and can't find them in my computer. If I am REALLY doing a bang-up job on the blog and decide to cite my sources, it takes me more time than writing the actual blog to get the source material all together.

So, here we go....



be aggressive

Tally of sources added to my Family Tree Maker database on Monday, February 15, 2010:


LESSON LEARNED: Slow going as each time I find a new reference to source, my mind wanders to research online to find out more information.

© 2010, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser


  1. Good for you! Dig in and do what you can. What you can't can be done later! ;-)

  2. Linda - I call that a prime example of "the pile-it system"! I have a similar system but yours looks organized compared to mine. My office is so bad right now that even though I'm the only one here - I still shut the door so that I don't have to look at it. LOL

  3. Me thinks I might be glad I am not at the stick built where I would feel compelled to work on this challenge. My file cabinets overfloweth!

  4. I can definitely identify. I took pictures of my office about a week ago (before the games even came up) because I was determined to clean it up and wanted to have before & afters. Plan to post them later in the games.

  5. Your area looks like mine, and I've given up with the organization methods. It's too bad because I've wasted hours and hours just looking for something. I wish you much success, and keep us posted. Maybe I'll get inspired!