Monday, February 22, 2010

A somewhat shorter side bar for Flipside

Since I found out that we can add and link additional pages to our blog, I have been working to remove some of the information on my sidebar onto these pages. It has helped me to complete one of the GB Olympic tasks and is also cleaning up my blog.

For some time I have wanted to get the section listing all the Flipside blogs by alpha order moved somewhere else and still have it accessible to viewers. They are currently finding a new home; however, it is S-L-O-W going.

Hopefully having less information on the side bar will allow Flipside to load faster and there will be less for viewers to scroll through.

Fingers crossed!


  1. Great graphic Linda, and you ask where I get mine?? LOL

  2. This was the main reason I changed my blog template this last time. I found one that let me have tabbed pages at the top. About a week later Blogger came out with this. Oh well. I am not changing again.