Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Abe and My Brother, Ken

Today my brother Ken is......well, I probably shouldn't give that number out. He was born on February 12 at Camp Carson, Colorado where our Dad was stationed before he left for Korea. Okay, it was 1952, so you can figure out his

Following Mom's birthday on December 4, 1951, we left for Colorado to join Dad at Camp Carson. The day we drove to the train station in Pittsburgh, the snow was swirling; the drive was difficult. I can remember the train ride heading out west--my face pressed against the glass windows looking for cowboys.

Two months after we arrived, Ken was born in the base hospital. He nearly didn't make it. Dad went back to check on "our baby" soon after he was born and Ken wasn't breathing. Dad saved Ken's life on his birthday. Thank goodness Dad went back when he did and that he was a doctor.

Readers of Flipside know that Ken is a favorite traveling companion and always, yes always, indulges me in my genealogy and photography whims while on the road.....stop at a problem; walk around taking photos of store fronts.....a non issue; stopping in unusual places for a photo op....his pleasure.

We are a good duo.....I do the research and find the places to go and Ken puts it in motion and always adds to the excitement by pushing my idea even further. Ken's philosophy is to let the day unfold as it will. With that in mind, every excursion has one or more stops that become "special"....a bloggers dream!

We have enjoyed countless memories over the years and I look forward to many, many more.


© 2010, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser


  1. Okay this is crazy. My brother was born Februray 11th. The similarities just keep coming.

  2. Happy Birthday to Ken!! That is some story Linda! Gave me chill bumps.

  3. Whoa... it gave me chills too!!! Thanks, sis! Love you... BIG TIME!!!

    And... thanks for the Happy Birthday, Carol!

  4. You are welcome Ken. Your sister writes great blog, but, I know you know that!

    Oh, Linda, I did find a "Grass" photo, but, NO snow!