Sunday, July 12, 2009

My always humorous blogging buddy, Lori E, over at Family Trees May Contain Nuts, has bestowed upon Flipside the coveted award...Atta Girl....and all I had to do was eat and pay an outrageous amount for a very nasty steak dinner to get a blog in from my vacation.

What I neglected to mention was that for $2.00 a half hour, I could have used the computer down at the administration building in the Treasure Lake complex, but that would have meant downloading the photos and blog onto a thumbnail....too much trouble when on vacation...don't ya think!

Nope, instead I paid about $15.00 just to use my notebook. BTW, I also also had enough time to catch up on a week's worth of e-mails, but not enough time to catch up on by blog reading.

Thank you Lori for this recognition!

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