Saturday, October 29, 2022

Two John Louis Seewald Pieces That Have Defied Time


     I decided these two items deserved their own blog.  It will be primarily photos since I know next to nothing about the inner working of time pieces.

 Aunt Betty's Seewald Clock

     I wish I had paid closer attention to her story about the clock.  I think it was a friend who actually saw it in an antique shop and called Aunt Betty.  Without a second thought she added it to her collection of valued family heirlooms. husband's recollection of Aunt Betty acquiring the clock was that a resident of Tiffin owned the clock and knew of Aunt Betty's relation to the Seewald's.  The person sold it to Aunt Betty.  

     Although Louis Seewald was a maternal great great grand uncle, it was still a SEEWALD CLOCK.  The ancestor clock maker in Betty and my husband's line was Louis' father, John Phillip Seewald, known as Phillip Seewald.  It was Phillip's oldest daughter, Katherine Seewald, who married Jacob Wilhelm Oster, who were next descending down their ancestral line.  

Note the original keys to wind the clock
It took two keys with two individual winding mechanisms

Attached to the inside door of the clock

June 26, 1873

     There is some newer writing beside the 1873 date.  My guess is that was when Aunt Betty purchased the clock and had a jeweler clean and repair it.  Dated 1997  

Louis Seewald Pocket Watch

     I no longer have my Seewald hard copy, having sent it to my husband's cousin.  I am certain the email and story behind this pocket watch is in that file.  Consequently, I have no one to acknowledge with the ownership of this fine family timepiece.  Thankfully, I did retain the emailed copy of the pocket watch to share on this blog.

L. Seewald

Clock photo credit:  Garrett Bevin Hiser

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