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John George Hughes--Did My Paternal Great Grandfather Have an Additional Sibling(s) ?

     On the 1911 UK census, my paternal great great grandmother, Mary Ann Storey Hughes lists that she had thirteen children, four have died and nine are living.  Checking my ancestor chart, I have nine living and one deceased.  I am missing three children who died before showing up on a census report.     

     I have been checking the Durham County UK records on line and saw an interesting births and a death listed for Hughes' living in Stranton and on Hill Street in West Hartlepool.  The earliest record that I have found for my paternal great great grand parents, George Henry and Mary Ann Storey Hughes living at 61 Hill Street, is the 1881 UK census.

     The 1881 UK census shows the George Henry Hughes family living at 61 Hill Street, Longhill, West Hartlepool, Parish of Seaton Carew.  The Hughes family in 1881 consisted of George Henry, Margaret A (Mary Ann), Ann M. (Maria) born 1871, John G. (George) born 1873 and Samuel born 1876.  The next child born to George Henry and Mary Ann was Mary Alice in 1881 after the census was taken.

     Going backward, the 1871 UK census shows George Henry and Mary Ann living in the home of George Henry's parents, 60 Thorne Street, Parish of Stranton, West Hartlepool.  I have no record of where George Henry and Mary Ann lived during the 1870' after the 1871 census.  Did they remain with George Henry's parents or find their own home. 

      Two of their known children were born in the Parish of Stranton.  Ann Maria Hughes and my paternal great grandfather, John George Hughes, both baptized the same year they were born.  Of interest is another Hughes from Stranton baptized in 1878, Mary Emilia Hughes.  Stranton is a large area in West Hartlepool and the Hughes surname was somewhat common.  I was able to check more records and found that Mary Emilia was the daughter of Joseph and Margaret Ann Hughes.  That mystery solved.


     Next question.  The underlined baptisms are children of George Henry and Mary Ann Hughes.  Joseph Hill  Hughes born 1883, Elizabeth Hughes, born 1886, her twin, Thomas Henry Hughes, and William Hughes born 1888.  Were Elizabeth and Thomas not twins but triplets?  Was Sarah Hughes baptized in 1886 and from Longhill, Seaton Carew from my Hughes family?  I did do a search on ancestry for a Sarah Hughes.  I did find one, daughter of John and Ann Hughes; however they were living in Stranton, in the All Saints Parish.  When the Hughes moved to their home on Hill Street, Longhill, it was located in Seaton Carew, Holy Trinity Parish.  To date I have found no burial records for a Sarah Hughes as a child and Sarah Hughes does not appear on any of my Hughes family records going forward.  A partial question mark, but probably not a member of my family.

  I will let the reader know that two of George Henry and Mary Ann's children did not appear on Durham baptism records on line--Samuel Hughes and Mary Alice Hughes.

     Final record from Durham County lists Eliza Jane Hughes, born about 1879 and a cemetery registration in Hartlepool 1880.  Eliza Jane was born on Hill Street.  Was my Hughes family living on Hill Street in 1879? Wandered back out to ancestry and lo and behold I found another researcher who just posted, a month ago, that Eliza Jane was the daughter of George and Mary Ann. The key is the birth information that lists her mother's maiden name as Storey.

     Accounting of the children of George Henry Hughes and Mary Ann Storey Hughes
  1. Ann Maria Hughes Hussey  1870-1945
  2. John George Hughes  1873-1920
  3. Samuel Hughes 1876-1936
  4. Eliza Jane Hughes  1879-1880
  5. Mary Alice Hughes Marsh  1881-1949
  6. Joseph Hill Hughes  1883-1958
  7. Elizabeth Hughes Dawson  1886-1941
  8. Thomas Henry Hughes  1886-1963
  9. William Alfred Hughes  1888-1959
  10. Aidan Hughes  1895-1943
  11. Baby Boy Twin  1895-1895
     I am still missing two children.  There is a gap between William and Aiden.  More research is needed.

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