Thursday, December 31, 2020

Addendum to Burial of George Henry Hughes and Mary Ann Storey Hughes

     Always back up your files.  Several years back, I purchased a years worth of access to British newspapers.  There was years worth of the Hartlepool England newspapers.  What fun!  I downloaded so many family articles, changed the PDF into jpegs.  Fortunately, I did use some in blogs because my computer crashed several months later and I lost it all.  Lesson learned....back up your files.  I am slowly trying to rebuild my UK Hughes data, which is what I lost.  

     A decade ago, on January 10, 2010,  I blogged about my paternal great great grandparents death and burial.  It was before my British newspaper subscription.  It was a happy dance day when I found both obituaries.

Obituary and Death Certificate of George Henry Hughes

Northern Daily Mail
Friday, May 9, 1930
Hartlepool, England
page 6

HUGHES--On the 8th inst. (instante mense--a date of the current month) at 70 Florence  Street, George Henry, aged 78, beloved husband of Mary Ann Hughes--Cortege to leave above address Saturday, 3 p.m., for service in St. Aidan's Church.--Friends please accept this (the only) intimation.

     Looking back through my blogs, it appears I never posted George Henry Hughes' death certificate.

Obituary and Death Certificate of Mary Ann Storey Hughes

Northern Daily Mail
Saturday, March 16, 1935
Hartlepool, England
page 4

HUGHES--On the 14th inst. (instante mense--a date of the current month) at 70 Florence  Street, Mary Ana, aged 82, dear beloved wife of the late George Henry Hughes--Cortege to leave 11-45 a.m. Monday for service at St. Aidan's--Friends please accept this the (only) intimation.

     Posting this blog secures these pieces of Hughes history in case the computer and external go belly up.  I really need to look into saving my information to a cloud site.


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