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Mcgoey Family History

The Magee (and variations) family is an ancient lowland family of Scotland, established as Lords of Balmaghie in Galloway since the 10th century. Both the Clan Donald and the Clan Mackay claim it as a sept. 

     My Aunt Barb was IRISH through and through....except for one maternal great grand mother, Ann Hamilton, who married a Mitchell and perhaps a great great grandmother, Susannah Jury.  Ann Hamilton was born in Pennsylvania; however her husband, Robert Mitchell, was yet another IRISH lad.  We Hughes' are not devoid of IRISH roots; however not as heavily as the McGoey bunch.  I can celebrate St. Patrick's Day through my paternal grandmother, Sarah Margaret VanGilder Hughes and can claim one branch of IRISH origin....my paternal 4th great grandfather, Thomas McElroy.

     For my Hughes cousins, celebrate the holiday with gusto.  The Hughes side adds a minute portion of the roots from the old sod....your McGoey side close to 100%.

     My Aunt Barbara Ann McGoey Hughes born in Pennsylvania to Francis Regis McGoey and Augusta Mitchell both born in Pennsylvania.

     Francis Regis McGoey was the son of Michael Joseph McGoey and Clara Green, both born in Pennsylvania..

     Now the IRISH roots.  Aunt Barb's paternal grandfather, Michael Joseph McGoey, was born to John T. McGoey and Mary Theresa O'Neil both IRISH born.  No further genealogy on either of these lines.

   Her maternal grandmother, Clara Green....Almost Irish through and through.  Born to Bernard Green--IRELAND and Roseanna McGovern, born in Pennsylvania to Bernard McGovern--IRELAND and Susanna Jury born in Pennsylvania.  The Jury line is Pennsylvania back to the 1780's.  No further tracing to date.

     Aunt Barb's mother, Augusta Mitchell, was the daughter of James F. Mitchell and Mary Emma Shifter born born in Pennsylvania.

     James F. Mitchell was the son of my Aunt Barb's maternal great grandparents, Robert Mitchell and Ann Hamilton  Robert Hamilton was born in IRELAND....and Ann Hamilton in Pennsylvania. 

     I have not traced Ann Hamilton or Mary Emma Shifter to determine if they too, descend from Irish roots. 

Photo shared by Carol McGoey Heidrich

     Suffice to say, my McGoey/Hughes cousins have cause to celebrate on St. Patrick's Day.  And so do I.  McGoey cousin, Carol McGoey Heidrich once wrote and dubbed me an honorary McGoey for my research of the family.  WAHOO.  I am so honored to be counted among them.  However, I do have one or two ancestors who crossed the pond from IRELAND.  I can claim it on my own!!!

Saint Patrick

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