Friday, March 4, 2011

Fearless Females--#4 Marriage Records

This has been a good one for me to do. After searching around for marriage records and reviewing my previous blogs, I noticed that I have never posted the wedding information of my paternal great great grandparents, Christian Invart Olesen and Ferdinande Weiss. When I opened their file in my wasn't in there! I had never scanned it.

Christian Invart Olesen, son of Ole Tonne Olesen of Denmark, was a master mariner and ship's chandler. At the time of their marriage, Christian was eleven years older than Ferdinande. Ferdinande, daughter of Frederick Heindrich Adolph Weiss and Ferdinande Lehman, had lived in West Hartlepool, England for almost fifteen years before she married. Frederick was gainfully employed as a banker or broker.

The wedding took place on August 30, 1874 in the parish church in the area where they lived in West Hartlepool....Christ Church. The church is still standing; however, it now houses an art museum.

Both of my great grandparents were literate and were able to sign their names. The witnesses were: Adolph Herman W. Weiss, Ferdinande's brother and Mary E. Middlemiss, the woman that Adolph would marry.

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  1. Lovely church. I am always amazed at what I thought I had scanned and for some reason, have not. :-)

  2. what a beautiful church, I research a lot in Sweden so I enjoy seeing all records from that general area! Thanks for sharing.
    Cheri Hopkins, Those Old Memories