Monday, March 7, 2011

Lost and Found--Grandma Fletcher

Nancy Stewart Fletcher

This is another photograph I purchased while on vacation at Cheat Lake, West Virginia in 2010. It took a little detective work to figure out who this woman was. First, I did purchase a photo of May and Maggie (Margaret) Hicks Devine. The back of this photo lists this woman as Grandma Fletcher, Margaret Devine's mother.

According to the West Virginia marriage licenses, May and Margaret's mother was Samatha Hicks nee Fletcher. She was born about 1867 in West Virginia. Much too young to be 71 in 1903. I looked her up on census reports and found that Samatha's mother was Nancy Fletcher, who is probably the woman pictured above. Nancy Fletcher was born in 1832, which would make her 71 in 1903. According to West Virginia census reports, she was alive until 1910.

Now, for her maiden name. I tried the brothers of their mother hoping that they stayed in West Virginia and had a death certificate on line and did. Nancy's maiden name was listed as Stewart.

Grandmother Fletcher
Margaret Devine's mother
age 71
March 6, 1903

I believe that this is Nancy Stewart Fletcher, Margaret Devine's maternal grandmother.

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  1. Great research. So nice that they put names on the back.