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Vilender Lanham Pool- My Paternal Great Great Great Great Grandmother


     I was hoping that I had already written about some of my pioneer families out on my website.  It would have made blogging so much easier...just a cut and paste and add new info.  Denied!!!  Their page on the website is under construction.

     Vilender, daughter of William Lanham and Catherine Ferguson Lanham, was born about 1785 in Monongalia County, (West) Virginia.  The Lanham Family, along with Catherine's parents, John and Bathsheba Griffith Ferguson and many of her siblings all removed from Prince Georges County, Maryland to a new area called Morgans Town in Monongalia County.  They  are counted as the early  pioneer settlers of the area. 

     Vilender had an older brother, Alexander Ferguson Lanham and a younger sister, Mary Lanham.  If other children were born to William and Catherine Lanham, they are unknown.

     William Lanham was a saddler and farmer.  He was able to purchase numerous pieces of land and lots in Morgans Town. 

      Thirty year old Vilender married twenty eight year old Asby Pool, son of William and Esther Pool, in Monongalia County, (West) Virginia.  The marriage was preformed on September 26, 1815 by Rev. Joseph A. Shackelford, a friend and fellow minister of Asby Pool. 

     Asby was born about 1788 near Hanging Rock, Hampshire County, Virginia.  Asby was admitted to the Methodist Episcopal Church's ministry on March 9, 1810 .  He was minister on the Redstone circuit when he married Vilender.  Asby was able to purchase  three lots in Morgantown by 1838.  He also was instrumental in setting up churches in and around Morgantown.

     Eight children were born to Vilender and Asby.  Their first, a son, William Lanham Pool, is my paternal great great great grandfather.  Other children were; George Henry Pool,  John Asby Pool, Catherine Esther Pool, Alexander Ferguson Pool, Theophilus Pool, Mary Pool and Ann Vilender Pool.  Three sons, William Lanham Pool, George Henry pool and John Asby Pool, all  became ministers.

     Vilender died before 1830.  Perhaps the death was due to child birth as her last child was born in 1828.  There is no record for her death or burial marker.  Asby remarried on September 14, 1830.

Thank you to my friend and cousin, Dr. Robert Poole Wilkins, who unselfishly shared much of his research on the Ferguson, Lanham, Frum and Pool Families during our correspondence in the  1990's.  He sent me a copy of his manuscript, "The Poole Family of Hampshire and Monongalia Counties, West Virginia being principally descendants of the Reverend Asby Poole (1788-1867) of Morgantown, as well as associated members of the Ferguson, Morgan and McRa Families"

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  1. Everyone has a story and you have found an interesting one. It pays to clean and paint.
    I have been to Screaming Lady Bridge as a college student in 1969. I think the story that you have linked to is the story we knew then. Nothing paranormal happened for us, just a little self induced scariness and excitement. Scary enough though that we never went back!