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George Henry Hughes' Service in the Canadian Expeditionary Force World War I

     Looking back over past blogs regarding my paternal grandfather, George Henry Hughes, and his service during World War I in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, I have noticed that I did not post his attestation papers.  The website where I found them was sent to me by my cousin, George Hughes, years back.  It was a happy dance day when I put his name in the search engine and his paperwork popped up.

       Since then I have also located paperwork on ancestry showing his border crossing between Toronto, Canada and Niagara, New York following his discharge from military service.  

Discharge card signed in Toronto, Canada
May 16, 1919
Manifest of Aliens coming into Niagara Falls, New York
May 20, 1919

     These pieces of information along with a letter George sent home from Russia, that was published in a local Aliquippa, Pennsylvania newspaper, have given me enough information to timeline his service. I
have checked my blog and see that I will have to do a blog about the letter from Russia.

Canadian Expeditionary Force
Time Line

July 30, 1917—George enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

August 1, 1917—George passed his medical examination and signed his oath of allegiance to King George V  in Toronto, Canada.

Canadian Expeditionary Force--Trained on the British Vickers Machine Gun.  Was given his sergeant stripes.  Spent almost a year in Canada before shipping overseas.

Mid Summer, 1918—George assigned to France

Fall, 1918—George’s company was reassigned to Siberia.  Five thousand soldiers were shipped out from Vancouver, British Columbia to Vladivostok, Russia.  This group was renamed Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force.

Fall, 1918—Sent to Harbin, China for a few months.

Winter, 1919—Back to Vladivostok, Russia.

February 28, 1919—Still stationed in Vladivostok, Russia from his letter home.

May 16, 1919—Discharged from military service, Toronto, Canada.

May 20, 1919—Entered the United States at Niagara Falls, New York.

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