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Cousin Kae Wallace Billik and Lloyd Reid Daugherty


     Genealogy bloggers all know this....begin researching a family member and suddenly the research turns to finding out about someone who really isn't even related to you.  This is such a case.  Of late it seems that Cousin Kae keeps popping up in my blogs.  I put her name in the Flipside search engine and pretty much nada.  She is a referred to voice. No real blog of her own.  All that changes now....sort of....

     Catherine Wallace was born on March 8, 1913 in Aliquippa, Beaver County, Pennsylvania to Joseph Wallace and Anna Estelle VanGilder.  Kae told me that her parents had a somewhat tumultuous marriage.  The Wallace's divorced when Catherine was five. Cousin Kae is my paternal first cousin once removed.

     The VanGilder girls and their Mom were a tight knit family and it appears that Anna Estelle's two young girls were shuffled around the family.  The only instance they are enumerated with their mother is the 1920 Pennsylvania Federal Census.  Kae told me that she lived with her Aunt Sally and Uncle George in Avalon during her teenage years.  (They are my paternal grandparents).  An many family stories revolve around 615 Ohio River Blvd in Avalon, PA--Grams and Pop Pop's home from the 1920's-1945.


          At age nineteen, Kae married Lloyd Reid Daugherty on June 14, 1932 in Wellsburg, Brooke County, West Virginia.  The young couple are enumerated on the 1940 Pennsylvania Federal Census and living at 119 South Harrison Avenue, Bellevue, Allegheny County, PA.  Lloyd is employed as a office clerk with a steel products manufacturing company and Kae, a private secretary with a typewriter company.

     My Aunt Faith shared some family information about her Cousin Kae and Bud Daugherty.  Faith regarded Kae as a mentor.  She grew up with Kae around as a visitor in the home when she was young.  As she grew up, she admired Kae....her work ethic, her lifestyle, her marriage.  Aunt Faith remembered visiting her cousin in the mid 1940's at her home in Warrendale, PA (actually Wexford).  

     On March 24 1944, Lloyd entered his service in the US Navy, World War II.  He was discharged on March 16, 1946.  Aunt Faith said that Cousin Kae and Bud divorced soon after his return stateside.

     Kae remarried Steve B. Billik, a marriage that lasted until both died in San Antonio, Texas.  Steve in 1996 and Kae in 2006.  Kae was very generous when I spoke to her by telephone years back.  She had an engaging personality and was very humorous.   She sent me several photos of her mother and led me on the trail of her mother's three husbands.

     S.W.I.N.G.....Lloyd Reid Daugherty, known as Bud to friends and family.  Aunt Faith said Bud was a handsome, fun fellow.  She never understood why he and Kae divorced.  Lloyd, born on October 5 1911 in Avalon, Allegheny County, PA, was the son of Harry Rose Daugherty and Corinne Mildred Reid.  The Daugherty's also had a daughter, Elizabeth May (Betty) born in 1907. 

     Bud, not even a relation except through a marriage that lasted about fifteen years, was my next genealogical target--wink wink.

     I found him listed in the 1928 Avalon High School yearbook in the junior class.  Several lines below him is my maternal first cousin one time removed, Robert Bell Frederick, Jr.  A small world revelation.  The town of Avalon had ALOT happening for both sides of my family tree.  He must have had a good singing voice as he is listed as a member of the school's choral club. 1929 yearbook for finding a photo of Lloyd.

     Lloyd's World War II Compensation Form (shown above) guided me to South Pasadena, California, listed as his residence in 1950.  Obviously, following his divorce from Cousin Kae, Bud headed far west as he could far away from the Pittsburgh area as he could go.

South Pasadena California City Directory
page 56

     There are listings in several early 1950's South Pasadena City Directories for Lloyd AND his parents.  They are all living at the 612 Milan Avenue address listed on the World War II Compensation Form.  It appears that Bud's elderly parents accompanied him to California.  There is also no mention that Lloyd remarried.

     Finally, I found burial listings for Lloyd and his parents on Find A Grave at Green Hills Memorial Park, 27501 South Western Avenue, Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles County California.  Lloyd is listed as Lloyd Rose Daugherty.  He and his parents are all buried in the same lot.  Although there are additional Daugherty's buried in the cemetery, they do not appear to be related. 

     It don't think Lloyd never remarried or had any children.  I was not able to trace his sister, Elizabeth.  Perhaps there is remaining family there.  Cousin Kae never had any children of her own.  Her second husband had two.

 Additional Stuff:

Kae Wallace Daugherty Billik died on April 21, 2006 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Stephen B. Billik died June 15, 1996 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Lloyd Reid Daugherty died October 12, 1972, probably in California

Harry Rose Daugherty born October 7, 1883 in PA; died July 20, 1965 in Los Angeles, California

Corinne Mildred Reid Daugherty born 1891 in Maine; died July 19, 1965 in Los Angeles, California

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