Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Unbelieveable--An Award!!!

What a surprise! After googling last night to see who is up for the Daytime Emmy Awards, I open my blog and find out that my B.C. (British Columbia) friend, Lori, has given me the Friendly Blogger 2009 award. To use a UK expression….I’m absolutely gobsmacked!!!


Check out her blog at Family Trees May Contain Nuts. Lori writes about everything and with a humorous slant. I check out her blog daily just to put a smile on my face or have a good chuckle.

And now to pass the award along. I have so many blogs I follow but there are 5 that consistently leave me encouraging comments. I am a newbie to this blogging business and can use all the positive comments that I can muster.

And, now the envelope, please…..

There is Lori, but I can’t give the award back to her ;- )

Anne, my college roommate over at Tastes of Henry. Anne combines touching family and friends stories with a delicious recipe. She was also the one who pushed my buttons to begin blogging in the first place. When I first saw her blog, I said, “Linda, you can do that, too!”

Greta at Greta’s Genealogy Bog is a prolific and creative writer. She currently is blogging about her childhood school experiences along with other genealogy related topics. Her topics are filled with interesting research AND she has a cute little cat named pipsqueak!

Terri over at The Ties that Bind is another gifted writer and it is amazing what she can do with an old black and white photo! Terri colorizes old photos and gives life to the portrait. Terri blogs lately have stretched over several days--blogging in parts. Going Home--The Unexpected was a moving account of her father and uncle and currently her topic is Quest of a Gena-Holic .

Cheri blogs at Still Digging for Roots. She is one of my distant relatives and always keeps me in the loop with her latest research. Unfortunately, Cheri has been “out of commission” of late due to a new job. Her genealogy blogs are consistently well researched and full of photos.


  1. Thank you, Linda - I'm blushing (really!).

  2. How sweet, Linda! Thanks for thinking of me!

  3. Linda - Sorry I haven't responded sooner to such a wonderful honor. Family illness has prevented me from spending much time on my blog. Thank you so much you really lifted my spirits!