Thursday, May 7, 2009

Smile for the Camera--The Dog That Swam the Pond, maybe

The 13th edition of Smile for the Camera features all creatures great and small. Now Smile for the Camera is definitely throwing me a bone.

     I come from an animal family. Dogs and cats have been photographed, in abundance, since before I was born. There are so many photos of family pets that to choose one would be impossible.

     I decided to spotlight a dog that I have never met and have no idea what his/her name is. This pooch appears in photos taken in West Hartlepool, England and seemingly made it across the pond to Woodlawn, Pennsylvania. Did dogs immigrate or is this just an American, English dog wanna-be? If this canine boarded a ship, he would have come in 1907 or in 1921…which begs (no pun intended!) the question, was he too old to make the trip? Perhaps the Hughes/Olesen team just liked this breed of pup.

     Photos that I have found picture the dog with my paternal gg grandmother Ferdinanda Weiss Olesen and my paternal great grandmother Elizabeth Olesen Hughes.

Great Great Grandma Olesen
A photo postcard taken in
Hartlepool, England circa 1890's

Great Grandma Hughes
a photo postcard taken in West Hartlepool, England
circa 1890's

     Great Grandma Hughes in a rare photograph taken in, and I am venturing a guess here, Woodlawn, Pennsylvania. That would make it circa 1913-1921. If the photo was taken when my Great Grandparents came over and were living on the South Side of Pittsburgh, then we are talking 1907-1913.

Also o Flipside

-OLESEN, FERDINANDE WEISS--Crossing the Pond 1920

-OLESEN, FERDINANDE WEISS--Festival of Postcards

-OLESEN, FERDINANDE WEISS Psalms Bible--Treasure Chest Thursday


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  1. That sure is something you don't see too often, family dogs in the pictures back then. He (they?) must have been very loved family memebers.

  2. Those early pictures with animals definitely are hard to find; so far I've only found one of the old pictures of my parents' families with a dog in it, and that was because the dog ran across the line of sight when the picture was taken.