Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Proverbial Genealogy Brick Wall

I saw this idea on a website, probably somewhere on genabloggers. Write about your genealogy brick walls and the names will be listed on google. Then if there are family members out there and they google their names or their ancestors names, your blog will come up.

What a great idea!!!! So here goes….Please meet my granduncle

1. I have also seen his name as Bert L. Frederick in the obituary of his mother in 1909.

2. He is the son of Alfred Frederick and Lucinda Orr Frederick.

3. He was born on July 29, 1869 in Franklin Square, Columbiana County, Ohio.

4. He may have been a shoe salesman and may have purchased Smith & Strock goods in Leetonia, Columbian County, Ohio in 1894.

5. He may have married first, Mabel Hendricks on November 28, 1889 in Columbiana County, Ohio.

6. A daughter was born to this union named Larrie Fredericks on September 18, 1890.

7. Mabel Hendricks Frederick died on February 12, 1899.

8. There is an old Frederick handwritten genealogy notebook done around 1909-1911 listing that Albert had a son named Raymond.

9. There is a 1910 census in Chicago, Illinois for a Burt L. Frederick married for a second time. His second wife is listed as Louise and a daughter Sarah born abt 1907 in Illinois. Burt is working as a yard master for a freight yard.

What works and what doesn’t

1. The information about the shoe salesman and marriage to Mabel Hendricks could be another Albert Frederick. The marriage certificate is signed Albert H. Frederick and my Albert was listed in an obituary as Bert L.

2. There could have been two Mabel Fredericks in Columbiana County, Ohio at this time.

3. I have not been able to locate a census report for 1900, 1920 or 1930.

4. My mother never remembers anyone talking about her Uncle Albert. She was born in 1921, so Burt could have died in the 20’s or early 30’s while she was still young.

5. The fact that the 1910 Bert Frederick is working for a freight yard fits with his father and brother, Robert. Both worked with railroads.

6. The Albert Frederick listed in the 1910 Chicago census had been married twice.

7. Albert’s middle initial could have been misprinted in the newspaper obituary.

The photograph is circa 1886. It is a professional group shot of the Frederick children and I have cropped Albert out. He would have been about 17.


  1. AWESOME IDEA!!!!!!!! I didn't even realize that the search engine would do that until the other day when I was searching for one of my names and up popped my blog - LOL - I'm going to do this - thank you thank you for spreading the word - can I use the brick wall picture too?

  2. I hope it's ok that I use your brick wall picture - I kept checking for your answer - maybe you didn't see the comment. If not let me know and I'll remove it from my site.

  3. I'm researching the family of a friend of mine. Seems to be connected to your Albert Fredrick. My friend's mother was Larue Fredrick (b. Sept. 1891 in Ohio.) Larue had a younger brother named Laston. Laston and Larue seemed to have been raised by an great aunt, Emma Beard since they are both living with her in the 1900 census (Mahoning Co.) and are ages 8 and 6. In the 1910 census Laston is still living with Emma Beard and he is listed as her grand nephew.

    My friend did not know her grandparent's names, and her mother, Larue died when my friend was only 8 years old. One tree I found online listed Albert Fredrick and Mabel Hendricks as the parents of Larue and Laston.

    -mary davy

  4. To Mary Davy, I am interested in your information.

  5. Linda,

    Ok-- I've been working backwards from my friend. She doesn't know much about her mother's family. She knew that her mother's brother was named Laston Fredrick and that their mother died when they were young. But she did not know her grandparent's names (Larue and Laston's parents). She just knew that they were raised by relatives. Ok so I found Larue and Laston in the 1900 census (1900; Census Place: Beaver, Mahoning, Ohio; Roll: T623_1300 Page: 12A; Enumeration District: 41). As I said-- living with Emma Beard.

    My friend's mom, Larue Frederick, married Elsworth Harrold ( family from Columbiana Co., OH) and they moved to California sometime in the 1920s because my friend was born in CA in 1924. Her mother, Larue, died when my friend was 8 years old, so about 1932.

    Can you send me the obit you have of your Albert's mother? (

    Does any of this fit into your puzzle???