Saturday, February 7, 2009

Frum Cemetery Revisited--Graveyard Rabbits Carnival

Over at Graveyard Rabbits the May 2009 edition of the GYR Carnival will focus on cemetery preservation. Articles could discuss tips and tricks used in preservation, projects in your area, tips for starting a project, what you've done to help preserve cemeteries or gravestone, what you'd like to do for an old or abandoned cemetery in your area, or anything else you can think of related to the topic of preservation.

During the summer of 1995, we did return to the Old Frum Cemetery. This time we were prepared and came with some tools for cleaning up the mess and to try to get tombstones back together. The family was already down in Morgantown for the annual VanGilder Reunion held at the Winfield Community Center, Winfield District, Marion County, West Virginia.

We spent several hours picking up trash, throwing broken tree limbs over a nearby ravine, cutting back weeds and up righting the fallen tombstones.

It was a labor of love! At that time I wished that we all lived closer and could spend more time working to restore our old family cemetery.

Family members who gave a hand in August 2005:

Linda Hughes Hiser
Ted Hiser
Garrett Hiser
Ken Hughes
Jeff Hughes

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