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Worship--Saint Aidan's Church, Hartlepool, England

    Amy Johnson Crow has a 52 Ancestors Week blog challenge which I have decided to join.  I am hoping it may help me to pinpoint someone or something that I have researched and not blogged about on Flipside.  AND push me to blog about family each week in 2024.  Sometimes I get lazy. 😁  Let's see how well I keep up.

     Week # 14 (March 25-March 31) is Worship. 

The Hughes Kids
Hartlepool Wall
The Headland
August 3, 2003

     Back in 2003, when my two brothers and I crossed the pond we had Hartlepool, County Durham, England in our sights.  Our Hughes/Storey lineage traces back to West Hartlepool and Hartlepool in the 1800's and beyond.  The Hughes actually removed from the Wordsley, Birmingham, England area, and further back from Wales.  

     The municipal brough of West Hartlepool was created in 1887 and in 1967 the Brough of Hartlepool was created by combining West Hartlepool and Old Hartlepool.  

St. Aidan's Church
Hartlepool, England
August 3, 2003

     We had a laundry list of family and places to visit during our three day visit. One important building was Saint Aidan's Church, now known as Saint Aidan and Saint Columba Church.  The church opened in 1890

The Alter
St Aidan's Church 

My brother Jeff
St Aidan's Church
Hartlepool, England
August 3, 2003
     Our first day in Hartlepool was a Sunday and we had planned to attend church services at St Aidan's.  I was surprised at the small attendance.  As I walked into the sanctuary, I had goosebumps thinking how generations of our Hartlepool Hughes family had been baptized/baptised, married and buried from this very church.  
George Henry Hughes (Pop Pop)
Baptized at St Aidan's Church
West Hartlepool, England
Easter Sunday, April 10, 1898

Ken and I in front of the baptismal font

     The baptismal font in St Aidan's Church where my paternal grandfather, George Henry Hughes was baptized on Easter Sunday, April 10, 1898.  

George Henry Hughes
May 9, 1930

Mary Ann Storey Hughes
March 16, 1935

     My Paternal great grandparents obituaries, both services were held at St Aidan's Church.

     Even into the 2000's Hughes family members continue to have their services in St Aidan's Church.  One cousin we met in 2003, Alan Hughes, died in 2009 and his funeral service was held at St Aidan's.

     My morning attending a service at St Aidan's Church has become a cherished memory.  The thought that I was surrounded by sights and sounds of my Hughes ancestors gave me comfort and peace.

St Aidan's Church

Hartlepool Then and Now

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