Friday, December 23, 2016

Family Gathering 1917 VanGilder/Pool Style

     Two days before Christmas 2016.  Frankly, I should be busy in the kitchen preparing two dinners for family for the next two holiday days.  Instead I decided to spend some time cleaning out the favorites saved on my google site.  Percolating there for some time was a page from The Charleroi Mail which was found out on the ancestry newspaper site.  Saved and forgotten.....until this morning.

     My paternal great grand aunt, Sarah Pool Pinyerd, must have had a "hot" line to the local newspaper and thankfully, for me, so many of my ancestors are out on the ancestry newspaper for me to peruse.  Unfortunately, the spelling of surnames printed in the paper leaves a lot to be desired.  Van Gelder/VanGilder/ Van Gilder, Pool/Poole, Pinyerd/Pinyard. Often I would find some little family nugget looking up a new surname and an article I have never seen pops up. This was probably the case with the above clipping.  I was undoubtedly searching for the Bashaw surname and voila.

     This gathering of family and friends was probably in celebration of the new year.  Oddly, my paternal great grandmother, Jessie Pool VanGilder, was not present.  She was a younger sister of Sarah.

     The party attendees as I know them:

  1. Mrs. Jennie Wood--married sister of John Pinyerd and sister in law to Sarah Pool Pinyerd.
  2. Mrs. William Murphy--married maternal cousin of Sarah Pool Pinyerd, Jeannette Harner Murphy.  
  3. Miss Sara VanGelder--my paternal grandmother and niece to Sarah Pool Pinyerd.  Should be Sara VanGilder.
  4. Miss Virginia VanGelder--my paternal grand aunt and niece to Sarah Pool Pinyerd.  Should be Virginia VanGilder.
  5. Paul Drummond--have no idea who this man is.
  6. Thomas Reese--have no idea who this man is.
  7. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pool--brother and sister in law of Sarah Pool Pinyerd.
  8. Evelyn and Dorothy Pool--daughters of the above and nieces to Sarah Pool Pinyerd.
  9. Mrs. L Bashaw and baby--Mrs. Leon Bashaw, married sister to Sarah Pool Pinyerd and her daughter Olive Petit Bashaw, niece to Sarah Pool Pinyerd.
  10. Miss Mary Louise VanGelder--my paternal grand aunt and niece to Sarah Pool Pinyerd.  Should be Mary Louise VanGilder.
     The two unknown men are not in my genealogy data base.  Perhaps more research is needed to figure out why they were at this family gathering.  

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