Thursday, October 21, 2010

Travel and Snaps with Flipside--Barcelona

In the scheme of things, I probably would never have opted for a trip to Barcelona, Spain. There seemed to be numerous vacation destinations that I would have placed much higher on the list.

This October, I had the great fortune to cruise the Mediterranean. The port of departure was Barcelona. The more I googled and learned about this Spanish/Catalan city, my excitement to experience Barcelona grew by leaps and bounds.

La Rambla at night

Side of the Bruno Quadras Building a former umbrella factory

The Joker

Beautiful flower stalls all along La Rambla

I was not disappointed. We spent two full days wandering up and down La Rambla enjoying the crowds of people, the street performers and the artists. We sought out as many Antoni Gaudi buildings as time would allow and tried to lose ourselves in the Barri Gotic section.

Street in the Barri Gotic

For a photographer who loves architecture, this city did not disappoint. It was a slow walk on La Rambla and in the Barri Gotic as I had to snap a building, an unusual focal point or a piece of antiquity.

Signs and advertisements are also fair game for "Miss Snap Happy".

The corner of Burger King and Micky D

No knowledge of the native language while in problem. Many of the restaurants, pubs and tapas spots offer menus in numerous foreign languages. Food problem. It was all delectable. For those faint at heart and stomach, they even have good old American fast food.

Mercat de La Boqueria


The market on La Rambla was an exciting experience. Colorful produce, artfully displayed, beckoned any and all visitors to sample and ultimately purchase. A vivid memory was the melon display.....packaged to take and eat while milling about the market or as a snack on La Rambla.



Following our cruise, we spent a final day back in Barcelona. We ventured north on La Ramblas to a tapas restaurant and more Gaudi architecture.

Grill work featured on Gaudi's Palau Guell

My favorite Gaudi....Casa Batilo

Dragon roof on Casa Batilo

Crucifixion of Christ
Centerpiece above the door of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia

I have to chuckle when I was first introduced to the works of Antonio Gaudi by watching a PBS documentary. His work seemed so strange that I was not even sure that I wanted to take the time to seek it out while in town. So much for first impressions......once seen, I became obsessed with anything Gaudi. We walked and walked looking for every piece of Gaudi architecture we could find. My one sorrow is that we did not have time to see his park--Parc Guell. My mantra when traveling is to always have some reason to go back.....I guess that would be to see the park.

Barcelona never sleeps. There is always a constant stream of folks strolling around...almost 27/7....enjoying the sights, museums, history, food and beverages. The perfect way to utilize a city.

I highly recommend visiting this fascinating city…staying as close to La Rambla as your finances will permit….put on your walking shoes…and go have fun.

P.S. If you need a travel book.....I highly recommend
DK Eyewitness Travel Top 10 Barcelona. A nice pocket size guide complete with maps of the city, the subway system and guides to everything you would want to see and do.

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    Me, who has never had any interest in Spain, maybe she does now.

  2. I really enjoyed this post and the photos. I especially like the umbrellas on the side of the building and the mellons in the market place.

    I agree, Barcelona wouldn't exactly be at the top of my destination list but it seems like any destination has wonderful things to offer if you just open your eyes and your mind and look.

    Thanks for sharing. Now I'm off for a nibble of watermelon :)

  3. As and artist, Gaudi is one of my favorites. So sorry you missed the Park Guell, it is awesome to wander around in. I felt the same way about Italy as you did about Spain. Take it or leave it UNTIL I entered the spell of the country. What a fabulous trip you had. Lots of memories.
    Peg Elkins

  4. Wow what a wonderful time you must have had. It is beautiful and so full of life. Your pictures are a wonderful illustration.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful photos. Now I want to go there, too. P.S. - We also love the DK travel guides.

  6. Barcelona is FAB - the Gaudi buildings were way ahead of their time, and quite astonishing - lovely and "organic" in a modern way. The coffee is good and the people-watching fascinatng - I've never seen anyone walking a ferret on a lead before or since.... :-) Jo

  7. I don't know how I missed this post earlier, but I love it. My husband is from Spain, and we visit often, but the only time I was in Barcelona was the year they hosted the Olympics! We stayed in a small hotel on the Ramblas, and explored all the Gaudi and Picasso sites. I just heard from my mother in law that the pope will be in Barcelona soon to FINALLY dedicate the Sagrada Familia cathedral. I'd love to go back someday, but if you liked it you'd love the rest of Spain, too!