Friday, October 22, 2010

Travel and Snaps with Flipside--Monaco

The colors of Monaco--red and white

What did it want to see in Monaco......anything Princess Grace. There were various excursions available at this port; however, my main goal was Princess Grace. Call it a childhood thing....a Hollywood thing....whatever...she was my goal.

The Grand Casino in Monte Carlo

I have never had a penchant for gambling....truth be told, I am not very lucky. I can count on one hand the times in my life that I have won Monte Carlo was not even on my radar.

Port de Monaco

Monte Carlo side of the port with the Alps behind

After breakfast, I took my camera out on the Promenade Deck (remember Love and was literally bowled over at the beauty of the picture before me. Monaco to the right and Monte Carlo to my left and the Alps behind, slowly descending into the sea. Whew!

Taken from the ship's deck--Palais Princier and the old wall

Multimillion dollar (euro) private boats....primarily Saudi....anchored in the harbor......the ancient wall of Monticoville and the Palace on the hill.

The plan was a short excursion day....up to Monaco-Ville with the primary destinations--the Chapel where Princess Grace married Prince Rainier and their burial place plus the Royal Palace.

We also saw the Royal Gardens (Jardin Exotique). Unfortunately, the tour briskly moved forward and I was only able to snap a few photos :-(

Monaco's Cathedral--Monaco-Ville

And now the Chapel. In a word.....BREATHTAKING. The alter and area where Grace Kelly became Princess Grace and behind and to the left, her final resting place beside her husband Prince Ranier. In fact, many of the royal Grimaldi family are buried behind the arc behind.

Palais Princier

Place du Palais opposite the Palais Princier

Our next stop was the Royal Palace. NO PHOTOS ALLOWED INSIDE!!! The Palace was VERY GRAND....yes," palace-like".

Now there's a camera I would love to

By the time I emerged from the Palace, it was time for the "changing of the guard". I was late and way too short (in stature)....I didn't see or snap any much of, I did hear the band and the gunfire.

We were told that Princess Caroline calls
the yellow apartment with green shutters home

On the walk returning to our tour bus, we did pass the house where Princess Caroline resides when she returns home.....also, numerous shops, museums cafes and lovely flats.

Lunch time stop

The bus drove us down from Monaco-Ville and we decided to jump off in the business area called La Condamine. The walk back to the ship from this point looked to be relatively short.The time wandering the streets of La Condamine was probably the most rewarding time in this small municipality. There are numerous quaint shops and small cafe's and restaurants. Lunch was in one....delectible French cuisine was served.

Unique metal sculptures along the Quai Antoine

Our floating hotel

My take away......Monaco=Money. It is everywhere....the private boats, the homes, the prices in the shops. Limitless money. Fun to visit, but I wouldn't or couldn't live there.

© 2010, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser


  1. Wonderful photos!!! I am so glad you had such
    a delightful journey!

  2. Lifestyles of the rich and famous...
    Looks like a fun tour.

  3. The photos are fabulous! Thanks for sharing them with us!