Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Up and Running--Well sort of.....

The Linda Hughes Hiser Family Genealogy Home Page is open for business in its new home at Yahoo. Frankly, I had not updated much of my genealogy home page since about 2006 and over the past three years I have accumulated new information on many of my lines. Change was overdue.

There is still much work to be done. I plan to rewrite many of the bios, have to rescan and upload all of the photos and many of the documents, write the newly added information and continue to make certain all the links are functional.

The good news is that the work of moving over 10 years of my research from one place to another is DONE! Now the fine tuning begins.


  1. You must have been holding your breath several times while doing this move.

  2. That's a fantastic site - I'm in awe. Something I should think about doing but have been too intimidated to do.

  3. Great looking site. Will continue to look in to see your growth.

  4. Thank you for your positive comments fellow geneabloggers. Last night I found that none of my Stark links worked. Guess what I did for several