Thursday, October 8, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday--Orison Henry Hiser Pocket Watch

Today's treasure is the pocket watch that once belonged to my husbands paternal grandfather, Orison Henry Hiser. The watch came into our possession in the early 1980's when Ted's parents came for a visit. I showed them two pocket watches that were part of my family heritage. Ted's father, who enjoyed tinkering around with wood, took my watches with the promise of returning them in a handcrafted wooden shadowbox.

When Christmas rolled around that year, I was pleased to open one box to find another inside. There was a lovely wooden shadowbox with three pocket watches and their chains gracefully hanging inside. Clarence had thoughtfully added the watch that once belonged to his father to the display.

The pocket watch box graced my dining room wall for years. When we moved to our current house over twenty years ago, the shadowbox broke in the move. The watches found a new home and are on display inside one of my bent glass china cabinets in the living room.

There was a time in the past ten years that I was looking more closely at the watches--probably trying to get additional information about them for my genealogy research--ie any initials or names....anything hidden inside......etc.

When I opened the Hiser pocket watch I found a treasure inside a treasure. Tucked inside was a small, circular cut old photograph of Ted's grandparents, Orison Henry Hiser and Eva Matilda Farschman Hiser. From their youthful faces I would ballpark it as circa 1920 or earlier.

I was taught a valuable lesson--if possible, take items apart.....carefully explore them for any hidden treasure or information.


  1. Didn't old watches sometimes open two different ways? A secret compartment so to speak? Lucky find inside for you.

  2. Saludos desde España, Linda!!!!

    Regards from Spain!!!!!!!


  3. I think i have the same kind of pocket watch as Henrys. It belongs to my father who got it from his father and so on. You can open the backside times. The second time, you will se the heart of the watch. I just opened it and finally got the information that it is a Campo watch from swiss. Im trying yoo google it to find out more about the company, when i saw the picture o yours. :)

    Im sorry if my english isn't the best. Im from Göteborg in Sweden. :)

    Caroline Lager

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