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Otto Uhle aka Pop Uhle--Part 1--Germany to Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio 1885-1904

Otto and Caroline Uhle
Passport Photo

     I wandered down a rabbit hole with "Pop" Uhle.  I first saw his name decades ago when it was mentioned in a newspaper article written by my paternal grandfather, George Henry Hughes from Vladivostok, Siberia, Russia on February 28, 1919.  The letter, written to Pop Uhle, was published in a local newspaper.  "Pop" was my grandfather's  supervisor at American Bridge Company before and during his service in World War I.  Not to confuse things, the grandchildren's nickname for my grandfather was Pop Pop.  His supervisor was known as Pop Uhle.

     I have blogged about this letter on Flipside.  A copy and text is part of George Henry Hughes--World War I Service in Russia.  Recently I was contacted by a historian in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.  He was given a copy of the newspaper article and is including it an article on Beaver County in World War I for the local historical quarterly, Milestones.

     Oddly, it has taken me several decades to actually research the Uhle family.  I have not found much regarding the family in Google searches, although there is a presence on  Perhaps current Uhle descendants will find this interesting and maybe a few new pieces of information.  My research has shown there were other Uhle's in Cleveland, Ohio during the mid to late 1800's and beyond.  My question is, were they all related?  Siblings?  Cousins? Aunts and Uncles?


     According to a German church baptism register, Otto Uhle, the son of David Uhle and Christiane Stahl, was born on March 11, 1863 and baptized on March 26, 1863 at a church in the village of Durrmenz, Baden Württemberg, Germany.


     Durrmenz is located on the Enz River.  Settlement in Durrmenz Germany gives an early historical perspective of the village and surrounding areas.

     Otto may have been one of seven children born into the Uhle family.  (This information was taken from Uhle Family trees on Ancestry.)  To date I have no information on the family--where they lived or the occupation of the father.

Arriving Passenger and Crew Lists
New York, New York

     At age nineteen Otto arrived in the port of New York on November 23, 1882.  He traveled from Germany to Le Havre, France where he boarded the Steam Ship Pereire.  A clue as to the length of the journey to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the SS Pereire is given in Otto's first passport application.  He recalls that he boarded the ship on or about November 11, 1882, making the crossing about twelve days.

     One item I noticed is that he is listed as a merchant on the ship's manifest.

     Otto made his way from New York City, west, to Cleveland, Ohio.  Of interest, ten years later, Herman Uhle, who I believe to be Otto's older brother, made his way from Germany to Cleveland.  Herman's Cleveland naturalization file lists June 28, 1892 as the date of his arrival in the United States.  The 1900 Cleveland census gives further information.  Herman is married, and iron worker, has four daughters and is living in Cleveland's 24th Ward.  The two brothers live somewhat close.

     On July 5, 1884 twenty-one year old Otto married twenty-four year old Caroline Stieglitz in Cuyahoga County, Cleveland, Ohio.   I have also seen Caroline's first name as Karoline.  

     She was born in Württemberg, Germany, the daughter of Heinrich Stieglitz and Christiane Friederike (maiden name could be Zoon or Loon).  From the German church records, Caroline was living in an area near where Otto grew up.  The 1900 Ohio Census gives 1883 as her immigration to the United States.  I have no idea if she came alone or with a family member.  There is a Henry Stieglitz in the 1880 and 1900 Ohio census living in Cleveland.  

     During the remainder of the 1880's, the Uhle Family welcomed three children.  David John Uhle, born on March 31, 1885, Lena Alana Uhle born on February 4, 1887 and Henry Walter Uhle born on August 5, 1889.  

1885 Cleveland City Directory
page 617

     When I located the city directories, I was surprised to find several other Uhle's living in Cleveland.  Otto, married, was making the family home at 540 Lorain Avenue on the west side of town.  The residence no longer exists.  Otto is employed as a Japanner.  An artist that applies a finish to items to imitate East Asian lacquer to articles.  

The other Uhle's Living in Cleveland

     Were these folks relations?  Siblings or cousins?  Aunts and uncles?  Was there a slow immigration of the family from Germany during the mid to late 1880's?  I would like to mention that while I was researching the Uhle surname, I did find numerous family members buried in Monroe Cemetery on Cleveland's west side. 

     William Uhle was born in Germany, born about 1854, died in Cleveland on November 30, 1899, parents David and Christina Uhle on the death certificate.  

     (John) Ernst Uhle, was born December 25, 1839 in Germany, died in Cleveland on February 20, 1915.  Father listed is David Uhle on the death certificate.

     Frederick Uhle was born in Germany on 1818 and died on March 7, 1899.

     Rebecca Uhle was born in Germany on October 3, 1838 and died in Cleveland on February 20, 1915.  Her father's name is listed as David Uhle on her death certificate.

1887 Cleveland City Directory
page 653

     Otto, continues to live and work on the west side of Cleveland in what is now known as the Clark-Fulton area.  He is listed as a painter.  It is unclear if he is employed as a house painter or perhaps it is another name for japanner.  The house at 66 Fulton no longer exists.

     A new family member has been added to the city directory, Henry Uhle.  He is living at Ernest Uhle's house.  

1888 Cleveland City Directory
page 689

     Otto , continues to be employed as a painter is residing at 238 Burton.  I believe this could be today's Burton Court on Cleveland's west side.

     On March 27, 1891, at age twenty-eight, Otto Uhle received his naturalization in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  

     According to the above naturalization card and voter's registration documents from Cleveland, the Uhle Family lived at 3 North East Avenue from 1891 through 1900.  This would have been quite a relocation move across the Cuyahoga River and over to the east side of the city.

     When I research a family, it is of interest to me to know where the family lived and if I can find a photo of the house, I am very pleased.  It does not appear that North East Avenue exists in Cleveland today.  According to the 1900 census, the street was located in the city of Cleveland in the then 22nd Ward Precinct E.  Boundary streets were Grand Avenue, Kinsman and East Madison Avenue.

     Located on the east side of the city, the streets of East Avenue, Grand Avenue (a partial) and East Madison Avenue, no longer exist.  In this area is Woodland Cemetery, factories and some housing.   Just a curiosity, the Henry Stieglitz enumerated in the Cleveland area died in 1902 and is buried in Woodland Cemetery.

     A fourth child, daughter Fannie E. Uhle was welcomed on November 1, 1892.

1900 Ohio Census
Cleveland Township, Cleveland City, Ward 22
June 8, 1900

     Living at 3 Northeast Avenue

     Otto Uhle, Head, born March 1863, age 37, married 16 years, 4 children, born in Germany, both parents born in Germany, immigrated in 1881, naturalized, foreman in iron works, worked all year, can read, write and speak English, owns a house with a mortgage.

     Carrie Uhle, Wife, born October 1859, age 40, married 16 years, 4 children, born in Germany, both parents born in Germany, immigrated in 1883, can read, write and speak English.

     David John Uhle, Son, born March 1885, age 15, single, born in Ohio, both parents born in Germany, at school nine months of the year, can read, write and speak English.

     Lena Uhle, Daughter, born February 1887, age 13, single, born in Ohio, both parents born in Germany, at school nine months of the year, can read, write and speak English.

     Henry Walter Uhle, Son, born August 1889, age 10, single, born in Ohio, both parents born in Germany, at school nine months of the year, can read, write and speak English.

     Fanny Uhle, Daughter, born November 1882, age 7, single, born in Ohio, both parents born in Germany, at school nine months of the year, can read, write and speak English.

1899 Cleveland Voters Registration

     I located Cleveland Voters Registration documents from 1893-1900.  Otto Uhle is listed as a voter living at 3 North East Northeast).

1904 Cleveland City Directory
page 1412
     Otto is employed as a draftsman residing at 101 Fancher Avenue.  Fancher Avenue no longer exists; however google maps is locating it in the St. Clair-Superior Area.  Otto's son, David J. Uhle is also employed as a draftsman.

Other Uhle's Listed Living in Cleveland

     Emma C. Uhle daughter of Ernst Uhle and Elizabeth Katherine Uhle, married Benjamin John Sawyer.

Harmon F. Uhle

Henry Uhle

Herman Uhle

Margaret Uhle, widow of Fred.  Born October 19, 1841 in Germany, died on April 7, 1918 in Cleveland.

Rebecca Uhle, widow, immigrated in 1880, born 1855 in Germany.

William G. Uhle, William George Uhle, son of Ernst Uhle and Elizabeth Schnellbacher.  Born May 16, 1871, died January 27, 1923.


Part Two--Blog Continued

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