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Joseph Davidson Hill and Sarah Houston Hill Family Bible

     The Joseph Davidson Hill and Sarah Houston Hill of Monongalia County, (West) Virginia Family Bible transcription was drawn by my paternal great grandfather, George Ethelbert VanGilder on November 25, 1897.  I cannot remember how the pages came into my possession.  Perhaps it was part of my paternal grandmother and George's daughter, Sarah VanGilder Hughes, estate. 

     The copy is yellowed with age.  My great grandfather's transcription was probably done by hand and copied by those siblings who also wanted a copy.  Lena VanGilder Farrar was George's sister.  This typed copy was taken from her handwritten copy by Thomas Ray Dille on March 13, 1925.  Thomas was a Morgantown attorney and one of the founders and officers of the West Virginia Historical Society.  The Historical Society was formed in 1925, the same year as the Family Bible transcription.  The Hill's were Monongalia County pioneers and the Bible information would have been important information to add to the Historical Society records.

     The Bible was probably in possession of Sophia Hill when it was transcribed in 1897.  Sophia lived with her married sister, Mary Hill VanGilder, and was the maternal aunt of George Ethelbert VanGilder.  The VanGilder farm house was destroyed by fire in 1902.  Was the Bible lost in the fire?  Thankfully my paternal great grandfather had the foresight to transcribe it five years earlier.

     I also have seven stapled and typed, on now aged paper, the Hill ancestors from England to the Jamestown Colony, to various counties in Virginia and eventually to Monongalia County, (West) Virginia.  Again, I cannot remember how these papers came into my possession and the veracity of the earliest charts.

Copy of the Hill Family Record
In my possession
Page 1


Monongalia County, (West) Virginia


1814 Sept. 22nd

Joseph D. Hill and Sarah Houston were married.


Joseph D. Hill was born the 4th day of Sept. 1793. My paternal great great great grandfather.

Sarah Houston was born January 28, 1791. My paternal great great great grandmother.

-Purnell Hill was born July 7, 1815.

-George Washington Hill was born January 20, 1817.

-Elizabeth Hill was born November 20th, 1818.

-Sophia Hill was born June 2nd, 1821.

-Alexander Carey Hill was born Dec. 27th, 1823.

-Joseph Liston Hill was born March 25th, 1826.

-Mary Hill was born Nov. 27, 1832. My paternal great great grandmother


-Robert Hill was born Feb. 5, 1758. My great great great great grandfather.

-Rebecca Caldwell was born June 7, 1765.  My great great great great grandmother.

-Jonathan Hill was born Feb 11, 1789 (not listed in family record).

-John Hill was born Dec. 14, 1790. (This must be a mistake.  Should be Margaret Johnson Hill).

-Joseph D. Hill was born Sept. 4, 1793 .  My paternal great great great grandfather.

-William Hill was born Dec. 26, 1795.  (William J. Hill)

-James Hill was born June 10, 1798.

-Sarah J. Hill was born May 18, 1800.  (Sarah Johnston Hill).

-George Hill was born July 1st, 1802.  (George D. Hill).

-Elizabeth Hill was born Oct. 26, 1804.

-Robert J. Hill was born April 3rd, 1808. (Robert Johnson Hill).

Copy of the Hill Family Record
page 2
In my possession


 -Robert Hill died January 15, 1822. My great great great great grandfather.

-Jonathan Davis died March 14, 1822. (Husband of Margaret Johnson Hill)

-Margaret Davis died July 11, 1832. (Margaret Johnson Hill, daughter of Robert Hill and Rebecca Caldwell Hill)

-Rebecca Hill died Oct. 20, 1843.  (Rebecca Caldwell Hill)  My paternal great great great great grandmother.

-Joseph D. Hill died Aug. 29, 1859. (Joseph Davidson Hill)  My paternal great great great grandfather. 

-Roda Hill, wife of Wm Hill died July 22, 1870.

-Sarah Hill died March 18, 1872.  (Sarah Houston Hill)  My paternal great great great grandmother.

-Elizabeth Hill died _________ 1892.

     Drawn from the family Bible of Joseph D. Hill November 25th, 1897.

     By  G. E. VanGilder (George Ethelbert VanGilder)  My paternal great grandfather

     Copied March 13th, 1925 from copy in the possession of Lena V. Farrar. (Lena VanGilder Farrar)

     Thomas Ray Dille.

      Interesting family fact.  Brothers Joseph Davidson Hill and William J. Hill married Houston sisters.  Joseph Davidson Hill married Sarah Houston and William J. Hill married Rhonda Houston.  The Houston girls were the daughters of Purnell Houston and Mary Tomlinson Houston.

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