Monday, January 1, 2018

A Major Breakthrough on my Olesen Family Tree--Denmark Resources

     My brother, Ken, when he finds finally locates something he has been looking for on the Internet, will comment with a twinkle in his eye, "That Internet is gonna catch on."  Patience and tenacity paid off today and the Net finally caught on once again for me.  I am 99% sure that the family I have found to link my paternal great great grandfather, Christian Invart Olesen, is indeed HIS family. 

     All the downloads of numerous Danish census reports, trying every possible variety of name in the Denmark search engines, looking at maps of Denmark from the 1850-1900's and plugging in Danish words into translation search engines I was able to put together a sketchy family chart--still many questions regarding names and places, but a family chart none the less. 

Haurvig Kirke, Hind Herrid, Ringkobing County, Denmark

     While looking at my paternal 3x great grandmother's death certificate, I noticed that there was a cemetery in Denmark where she was least that is what I thought the foreign words meant.  Simply googling Haurvig Cemetery and up it came with, wait for this......a search engine. 

Niels Laurdis Olesen and his wife, Jensine Nielsen
      I immediately put Olesen in and up came the brother of my paternal great great grandfather.  Holy Toledo!! 

     Next came the search for Christensen and I held my breath.  There were many; however, down at the end of the list was one for Ole Christensen.  Again, I held my breath waiting for the computer to bring up the listing.  And there he was buried along side my paternal 3x great grandmother, Elisabeth Laustdatter/Lauridsen.  God Bless the genealogists who worked on this cemetery and posted it on line.

     Continuing ever onward and using my new best friend Google ;-)  I searched for my great great grandfather changing his middle name to Ingvard which is what I had found on the 1845 Denmark census.  Up came a website with the name and it was from Denmark.  The name matched; however not the date of birth.  What did match was this fellow's father, Henrik Olesen and Henrik's father, Ole Christensen.  EUREKA. 

     It was an easy jump to Ole Christensen and his children.  My great great grandfather is listed as Kristian Ingvard Olesen on this website with little information other than birth, confirmation and an 1844 census (which I have not found to date).  Kristian is listed as Christian in the 1845 census.  Again googling Kristian, I found that in Denmark is is Christian.  

     I have emailed the owner of this family tree and hope to hear back.  Hopefully the language difference will not be an issue for her.  In my travels overseas, I have found that most countries are multilingual and English is widely spoken and understood.  Fingers crossed.

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