Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Seewald Cousins

Third Cousins Once Removed
Elaine, Ted and Gloria

     Why do I blog????  Here is a recent instance.  Back in January I wrote about my son finding a piece of his Lang history at the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio at What Could I Say But Good Eye. That piece generated a flurry of e-mail activity from two women who also called the Lang Family of Tiffin, Ohio their family. 

     After plenty of travel planning on their part, Gloria and Elaine arrived in Ohio last week digging into their Seewald/Lang roots.  My husband and I had the pleasure of their company here in Cleveland on Saturday for dinner at The Blue Point Grill.  I'm afraid we occupied our table for well over three hours--probably to the consternation of the restaurant...lol

     Ted's cousins continued on their genealogy trip to Hudson, Michigan where their mutual grandfather, Philip Seewald, built the town clock, which is still in existence.  Philip Seewald is Elaine and Gloria's great great grandfather and he is Ted's great great great grandfather.

     Two days were spent in Tiffin, talking with Ted's aunt and uncle, visiting Greenfield Cemetery where so many Tiffin pioneers are buried and taking in the Tiffin Historical Society and Tiffin Glass Museum. 

     Their final day in Ohio will be in Berlin--a non genealogical day--browsing the numerous Amish shops.

     Elaine and Gloria....I don't know if you have this newspaper clipping.  It is a wonderful look at your Seewald ancestry in Amarillo, Texas.

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  1. They were in my stomping grounds, Hudson is in the lovely Lenawee County. It is a nice town on the far western edge of the county, has a nice cemetery or two, a very nice library and the nicest historian, what a jewel she is!

    1. Very cool Carol. I thought you were closer to A2. I am thinking of making a visit to Hudson sometime. Any and all Seewalds in their cemeteries are Ted's cousins.

  2. What a fun trip!! Glad you had some "cousin connections"!!