Thursday, September 16, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday--A Letter from Grams

I am so glad my Mother saved this little letter from my paternal grandmother, Sarah VanGilder Hughes aka Grams. It was written sometime after my birth on May 1, 1947. She mentions my Uncle John Aiden Hughes and my Aunt Faith Hughes. Even my two paternal great grandmothers, Jessie Pool VanGilder and Elizabeth Olesen Hughes.

At this time, Grams, Pop Pop and Aunt Faith were all living in Monaca, Beaver County, Pennsylvania with Pop Pop's mother, Elizabeth Olesen Hughes. No one seems to know why they moved from Avalon, Pennsylvania to Monaca. They lived there during Aunt Faith's high school years and several days following her graduation, the family moved from Monaca to Bellevue, Pennsylvania in Allegheny County.

I rescanned the letter in two parts for easier reading:

© 2010, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser


  1. Just love this, the understated wit. A true treasure, the letter and Grams.

  2. I love it and I'm sure you do too. A real treasure!

  3. Oh, she sounds like the perfect grandmother! Ready, willing and anxious to spoil you, and lets you know she's not as "fuddy duddy" as parents... lol... what a gem!

  4. What a wonderful keepsake. Precious!

  5. I love the dialogue. She had a way with words. This was a great treasure.