Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lazy Lady Learning--Benjamin Tappan, Jr.

I know....I know....I have been SO absent of late on Flipside. My life has become somewhat tedious and my latest passion, kayaking, has taken what "extra" time there is in my week.

All genealogy bloggers know the amount of hours one has to put in to write a blog....the photos, the research, the interviews, etc. etc. This series on Flipside is the answer for my lack of time to write.....photographing the various historical markers I see driving from lake to lake and posting them--allowing the reader to explore further if interested.....no muss....no fuss!

I have been driving past this particular Ohio Historical Marker for months now and finally took the opportunity to stop and have a look. For anyone researching the Benjamin Tappan, Jr. family, the marker is on Route 14, south east of Ravenna, Ohio in Portage County. It is easy to see from the road and as the marker suggests, the Tappan homestead was just north of the marker.

I have not often seen a photo of the person mentioned in an Ohio Historical Marker.

BTW....Ravenna, Ohio is a delightful town. So many charming historical homes and a lovely downtown area. We have also found several eateries.....which makes traveling from the Cleveland, Ohio area for a day on the Michael J. Kirwan Reservoir kayaking a real pleasure.

© 2010, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser


  1. What a great idea! Congrats, and welcome back, yes, we have missed ya!

  2. Well, Happy Kayaking! I always love to learn from the excellent information found on historical markers! Thanks for the interesting post!

  3. I really admire historical markers, so jam packed with details. I wish I would see more of them on my travels, and in my area.