Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easters Past--Growing up Hughes

Today I am deep in memories of Easter in the Hughes family during my childhood and teenage years. I can't remember the larger family getting together for a festive celebration like we did for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a day we spent together--just our family--and perhaps my maternal grandmother would come over for dinner.

I know that my Easter dresses were made by my maternal grandmother. Often I had a new straw purse to carry and a hat and gloves. The Easter bunny made a visit the night before and we would get up to find large baskets packed with little toys and candy.

One of the special candies was a large sugar egg. Decorated with frosting and a little panorama inside. Decades ago, as I was wandering around Hixsons, a delightful shop in Lakewood, Ohio, I found some of those old fashioned sugar eggs. I bought for each of my two sons and one for me! That egg is still in my freezer. I have kept it for over 20 years. How strange is

Another memory of Easter past is the corsage. My father would always...yes always....have a lovely Easter corsage for my Mom and I to wear to church.

Church was the most important part of our Easter celebration. We were members of Hiland Presbyterian Church in Perrysville, Pennsylvania during the 1950's. Even as children we looked forward to church and the extra activities it provided. I was a member of the children's choir and Easter was a holiday when we put on our choir robes and sang during the church service.

In 2004, before my father was admitted to an assisted living facility, my brothers and I met in Pittsburgh and, as a family, we again attended Hiland for Easter adults. Ken, Jeff and I spent time following the service wandering around the church..inside and out....reliving the past. It was a very moving service and is a lasting memory as it was the last time Dad was able to celebrate Easter at Hiland.

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  1. It was nice to read about your Easter memories and see the lovely photos. And, the egg, what can I say, it is simply beautiful. Have another wonderful Easter for 2010.

  2. Great Easter pictures. It is so great that you and your brothers made the effort in 2004 to attend as a family! Happy Easter to you.

  3. What delightful photos and memories!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the great photos and memories! Happy Easter!

  5. I love the photos. The hats and gloves bring back lots of memories, but I especially love the corsage on the little girl (you!). You must have loved looking just like Mum on Easter morning!