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     Amy Johnson Crow has a 52 Ancestors Week blog challenge which I have decided to join.  I am hoping it may help me to pinpoint someone or something that I have researched and not blogged about on Flipside.  AND push me to blog about family each week in 2024.  Sometimes I get lazy. 😁  Let's see how well I keep up.

     Week # 21 (May 20-26) is Nickname.   

     I have had a variety of nicknames during my seventy-seven years all of them from childhood.  Only one continues to 2024.

Summer 1949
Brigantine Beach, New Jersey

     The name Linda converted to Linda Lee and Lindee.  My brother, Ken, called me Deeow when he was very young.  

     A favorite nickname of my Dad's was calling my Pickle Puss.  I see many early photos of me making a face like I had just eaten a sour pickle.  Perhaps that was where the nickname came from.  

     My paternal grandmother, Grams, wrote my first name as Lynn.  In college my nickname came from my last name......Hughesie.

Package sent to me by my brother

     And finally, Lin, which is the nickname that has continued to today.


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  1. Wow, so many! I guess I've accumulated a few through the years myself that I hadn't really thought about...Buttercup Tate, Kyra Sedgewick, Eagle Eye Foltz, Princess No-No, Monkey, Dory. Fun to think about!