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Conrad Frederick and Ann Brown Frederick of Columbiana County, Ohio

      Conrad Frederick and Ann Brown Frederick are my maternal great great great grandparents.  When I began setting up my genealogy website back in the late 1990's I had somewhat sketchy research.  In 2001 I had to migrate my home page to a new server.  That link is listed below.  As website ownerships change, I am not able to access my homepage to make additions and corrections.  That is a major reason that I decided to blog.  

     Conrad (Conrod/Cunrad) Frederick, the son of Nicholas and Catherine Frederick, was born in Pennsylvania on April 5, 1778. The earliest record for Conrad is a listing in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania as a taxpayer in 1796. Conrad married Ann Brown, who was born between 1780-1790, in Pennsylvania. One account lists Ann as a "native of Ireland." Perhaps her parents were born there.  Using their known oldest child's birth year 1804, I would estimate the year of their marriage as 1802 or 1803. Conrad was a farmer, but it is not known if he, like his father, Nicholas Frederick, brother, Joseph Frederick and son, Joseph Charles Fredrick, was also a cooper by trade.

     In “The History of Columbiana County, Ohio” by Horace Mack, on page 235, it mentions, “Conrad Frederick purchased a part of the north half (of Salem Township) which descended to his son Joseph (Joseph C. Frederick), who sold to Michael Frederick, his cousin.” This land eventually became the town of Washingtonville, Ohio. Conrad is part of the 1800-1810 Ohio Tax List as having property in Columbiana County, Ohio in 1810, although no township is mentioned. 

1820 Ohio Census
Salem Township
Columbiana County
August 20, 1820

  In 1820 he is enumerated in Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio as a person engaged in agriculture. His family consists of three boys and four girls. 

     When Conrad's father, Nicholas Frederick, died on January 27, 1824, he and his older brother, Joseph Frederick, were appointed administrators of the estate.  (Date of death taken from an Internet site.  I have not found any records to substantiate a date other than the year, 1824.)

     I was excited to see a signature for my maternal great great great grandfather and to know he was literate.

     Family members had debts due to the estate and Conrad had also either borrowed money or purchased land from his father using a debt note.  His total due to the estate was $851.60.  

1830 Ohio Census
Salem Township
Columbiana County

Conrad’s final census report was in 1830 in Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio. Three sons and three daughters are living at home.

     Conrad died on December 19, 1831 (the probate records puts this year in question, he probably died in 1830) in Columbiana County, Ohio. His will and probate record is part of the Columbiana County court records.  His eldest son, Joseph C. Frederick, was the administrator of the estate.  Records show that the property was given to Joseph.  

     An accounting of the property was given to the court on February 25, 1831 by Joseph.  This now puts into question, the date of death unless Joseph made an accounting months before his father's death.   Tools, bushels of grain, two sleds, a wagon, plough, numerous livestock, household items, coopers tools and spinning wheel are some of the items listed on the three and a half pages.  The total was 63017.  I do not know if the sum is in US dollars or another type of script.

     From probate records, Andrew Rogers was paid for the coffin on March 11, 1833.  Total 6.00

     From probate records, Ann Frederick, widow, was paid on March 15, 1833.  Total 156.00.  Ann also is listed as purchasing an item from the estate; however, I can't read it.

Photograph from Find A Grave

     Conrad is buried in Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, Washingtonville, Mahoning County, Ohio.  There is no tombstone and I am unaware of any burial records  His date of death is a question.

Ann Brown Frederick--A Widow

1840 Ohio Census
Salem Township, Columbiana County
Green Township, Mahoning County

     The boundary of the village of Washingtonville actually crosses into two different counties in Ohio.  A portion is in Salem Township in Columbiana County and the other is in Green Township in Mahoning County.  This census record is incorrectly housed at the end of the 1840 Washington Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.  

     Partially visible along the side of the page is that this record is for the two sections of Washingtonville.  At the bottom is a total for Salem Township and Green Township.  Both Ann and her son, Joseph C. Frederick are enumerated on the page.

    Ann Frederick
    1  one male under age 5--grandchild?
    1  one female age 20  and under 30--possibly daughter Nancy              
    1  one female age 60 and under 70--Ann Brown Frederick

     Ann Brown Frederick died after 1840.  She is buried in Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, Washingtonville, Mahoning County, Ohio.  The death date on Find A Grave is incorrect.  Ann is mentioned in Conrad's will and the amount of money she received from the sale of goods is listed in the 1833 probate record and enumerated on the 1840 Ohio census.


  I would like to mention that I have never seen actual records for the deaths of Conrad Frederick or Ann Brown Frederick.  No one has presented a Family Bible or records from the Trinity Lutheran Church or a tombstone.  The dates on this blog I found on Find A Grave and Ancestry.  Where the dates came from is anyone's guess.    

Children of Conrad Frederick and Ann Brown:

  1. Sarah Frederick born February 16, 1804 in Pennsylvania died August 16, 1829 in Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio married Jacob Bossert.
  2.  Joseph Charles Frederick born about 1808 in Pennsylvania, died June 4, 1853 in Columbiana County, Ohio and married Mary BetzMy maternal great great grandparents.
  3. Nancy Frederick born 1810 in Ohio married Benjamin Cochel.
  4. Catherine Frederick born 1811 in Ohio married Samuel Woollett.
  5. John Frederick born May 11, 1813 in Ohio died August 26, 1839.
  6. Mary F. Frederick born August 10, 1815 in Ohio, married Henry Rosen on January 11, 1836 in Columbiana County, Ohio, died August 9, 1904 in Elkhart, Indiana.
  7. Isiah Frederick born about 1819 in Ohio married Elizabeth Gucher and had one child, Alumnia, born 1849 in Seneca County, Ohio who married Unknown Scott. He married second, Mary Elizabeth Lindsey, and had four children: Minniel, Beecher, Ernest who married Sadie and Armida. Isiah was a doctor who practiced in Venice Township, Seneca County until about 1860 when he removed to Van Buren County, Iowa.

The Family of Conrad Frederick and Ann Brown--on an old home page of mine.  Last updated in 2001.

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