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Farschman History--And the "C" stands for Charles

World War I Draft Registration of

     For decades I have wondered what the middle name of August C. Farschman was--what was that initial "C"? Last night while noodling around, I saw one of those little green leaves on August's name and decided to click. Imagine my amazement when I saw that he has a World War I draft registration on which he had carefully written his middle name, Charles. WAHOO!!!

     August C. Farschman is the only name he used throughout his lifetime....on his marriage license, children's birth records, obituary,census reports, death records and tombstone. I have found numerous Clarence's in the Farschman family tree. In fact, my husband's father, a grandson to August, is named Clarence. This had lead me to believe that August's middle name was Clarence.

     After this astounding find on ancestry, I went a little "leaf crazy" and began clicking on all the various leaves that were showing up in my tree. I did find some new information; however, I do have to admit that now having the ability to actually fill in August's full name on my FTM database was the winner.

August Charles Farschman
August Charles Farschman
Born:  January 11, 1875 in Germany
Died:  November 19, 1950, Rural Vermillion Township, Erie County, Ohio.
Married: Amanda Agnes Kutza about 1898 in Lorain County, Ohio.

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  1. That is so neat that you found out his middle name!!

  2. I think he may be my great great grandfather. :-) Did he have a daughter named Viola?