Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweeping out the cobwebs--Hiser/Smith Finds

Last Thursday was moving day for my husband's mother. Helena is off to an assisted living residence in Mississippi to "give it a try" for two months. Supposedly, if this does not work out, she will move back home to Tiffin, Ohio and will move into a comparable living situation.

She is not my Mom...I had no decision with the plans. I'm not certain why Tiffin to Mississippi and then perhaps back to Tiffin. Why not just Tiffin. She has lived her entire life in this small Ohio town located in Seneca County. Members of her line were founders in the 1800's. She has history there

I have had to deal with this situation with my Dad and step mother and frankly was just as happy to be an observer with Helena.

While packing and going through an enormous amount of "stuff,"Ted's sister handed me a large leather suitcase. This is for you the family historian. The case was opened and I saw it was jam packed with memorabilia. A genealogists dream. I curbed my enthusiasm and did not begin immediately leafing through the items. I waited until I could open it on my living room floor to begin the sorting.

There is alot of World War II information on Ted's father, Clarence. I think I have enough to do a listing for him for the Veterans History Project for the Library of Congress. I'm excited to be able to honor his service on that website. There are tons of saved greeting cards for various occasions, obits, newspaper wedding announcements and even some WWII ration stamps. I don't think I have ever seen a real one before.

It is a treasure trove of Hiser history and I can't wait to sink my teeth into it. Now, I wonder what else might be hidden in that condo.....

© 2010, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser


  1. Linda is gonna have FUN FUN FUN, sorting, discovering the stories, scanning, photographing, cataloging. Cannot wait to read the future blogs outta that leather suitcase!

  2. Wow!! You are so lucky!! Just the thought of anyone being given a treasure like this is exciting!

  3. Are you ever lucky or what! To have all this new information, where to do begin? I guess by doing our favorite thing, Organizing. Have fun with it, and we will follow you along. Thanks Linda.

  4. Silver linings come in all forms, eh?

  5. I am so glad you put this up. I wasn't familiar with the Veterans History Project and have some photos that my grandfather took of people he served with. I'm going to check into donating the pictures to this and maybe some other items.

  6. I bet you couldn't WAIT to get home for a good look! Enjoy your treasure