Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Phil at Gobbler's Knob--Groundhog Day Revisited

After my son, Aric, encouraged me to get his Uncle Ken to post the video on YouTube and me sending Ken a is the finished product. Miss Snap Happy (that would be moi) was on board filming the theatrical portion and I see that a few of the Flipside photos also made it into the finished production. Watch out James Cameron!

Now Flipside readers will see first hand why I just love traveling with my brother. There is always a new adventure around the bend.....

P.S. Video was made by Ken for his 2nd graders for fun viewing on Groundhog Day. They LOVED it!


  1. Hi Linda, I enjoyed this as well as your other posts devoted to Phil. However, I simply don't like the idea of six more weeks of winter. Thanks for posting this, and I watched the video as well.
    I saved the Dove of Peace, and wondered if I could put it on my blog, ha, if I can figure out how. Please let me know. Thanks.