Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Miracle--Pounders Unleashed

I know we all have success stories to share of folks finding our blogs and those surnames we have mentioned. Last month I shared information on my Pounder line from Hartlepool, England and another researcher from the UK sent me a comment on my blog that she, too, has my family in her database out on ancestry.

One of my shortcomings was following the Pounder surname. First, I have no UK information at my disposal here in Ohio and second, as I mentioned in the blog, there are hundreds of Pounders, all with similar first names living in Hartlepool.

She made me a guest to her ancestry information and there I found many generations of my family listed. It was all very exciting and gives me something to begin building my research upon.

Genealogy blogging comes up aces again. YEEE HAWW


  1. Congrats, that gets the big, WAHHOOOOO!!

  2. Whoopee, congratulations! I love it when the genealogy gods smile!