Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding Wednesday--Junior Bridesmaid

Thank you to my good blogging friend Carol over at Reflections From the Fence for adding this meme to our weekly blogging events.

I admit that I have few wedding/marriage photos and documents in my cache of genealogical items. This week I am featuring......myself! This is my first memory of a wedding and I was a participant......the junior bridesmaid.

The wedding united my Dad's sister, my Aunt Faith to Ed Roolf on May 7, 1955. I have come to understand that my paternal grandmother....aka Grams....had broken her arm or wrist and was unable to make the dresse. Grams was quite the seamstress and probably would have made dresses for the entire party. I have memories of walking up the street with Grams to a dressmakers for fittings for my little gown.

I can remember how proud I was to be a member of the bridal party and to have such a beautiful dress and bouquet. Believe it or not......I still have both the blue dotted swiss dress and the dried bouquet in a box in my basement.

© 2010, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser


  1. Reflections highly approves!!! love the dress and the headband!

  2. Great photo's. I love how wedding photo's from the past date themselves with the colors of "that time".

    I have more on the Dute family (letters etc) that I am willing to share if you want. Contact me off blog at karenATmiprofgenieDOTcom and I'll make arrangements to email you the things I've scanned.

  3. Aw, terrific outfit, cute girl - and so lucky! I never got to be in a wedding as a child. Sniff...

  4. Love this! You're a lovely junior bridesmaid. I can't believe you still have the flowers and dress!

  5. It is amazing to the see the color in contrast to the black & white photo.

  6. A little late in commenting, but I thought I had. Like the others, I love the dress, you are cute and I'm shocked to read you still have the dress and flowers. Very nice piece.